WT Capital and Universe Markets Regulated?

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adnan rafiq asked 7 months ago


Can you let me know if the above companies are licensed and regulated and not a scam as I have invested small amounts in both.


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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi Adnan,
How did you end up at these companies. Neither one of them are licensed by the FCA.

Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 7 months ago

We found this review of Universe Markets: 

Universe Markets Review

marie answered 6 months ago

je voudrai savoir si universe markets n est pas une arnaque  Merci

jeanette answered 6 months ago

meme si il ne sont autorise est ce une arnaque..

Jaslyn answered 4 months ago


SebastianRipoll answered 3 months ago


still trying to recover €900 from my investment with Universe Markets…anyone a clue how to deal with this ?
It´s amazing that this kind of “business” can stay “legally” on line…
thanks for any help..

Javedalam Khan answered 3 months ago

I am also a victim of universemarkets.com.
invested $250 and now Website not reachable.

Cygnus answered 1 month ago

I got my money back after 1 month!
When they ask for more money on the phone. Explain that you have more money coming in that you want to invest with them. Then mention that you always make a test withdrawal before you deposit more money when dealing with a new broker.
I kept playing along with them and finally they made a chargeback on my credit card for the initial deposit. I even got a €3 currency gain. Maybe I’m the only one who actually made a profit with them.

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