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Ranon asked 4 years ago
I came across this broker called FMarketCapital which is a binary options broker that was recommended to me by a binary options signals service.

There is not much information about them online, I couldn’t even find a review of them.

I am in America, and I want to trade with them because they will allow US Citizens to trade there.

What are your thoughts, should I trade with FMarketCapital, have you had any complaints about them?

Thank you.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 4 years ago

The simple answer is that you need to trade with a CFTC licensed broker / exchange. Americans are not allowed to trade with offshore brokers, and there are many posts in the forum about americans who have used unlicensed brokers and ended up never seeing their money again.

We see the FMarketCapital is not licensed in the United States so you should not use them.

Traders not in America, can check out the most popular brokers here.

Trishy Mupondi answered 3 years ago
Fmarket Capital is run by Iran nationals. The senior brokers give themselves names like David Green I doubt they are real names.
They are not licensed. The broker will potray that he is there to help you make money but the opposite is actually true. They will take losing trades and ask you to “urgently protect those trades” meaning that you have to keep investing while you are not even getting any returns! My advice stay far far away from Fmarket Capital, they are frauds!

Andrew answered 3 years ago
I requested a withdrawal in October 2017. I am still waiting. I email every day for someone to contact me but have heard nothing.
Please advise.

Andrew answered 3 years ago
Do not go anywhere near FMarket Capital they are a  scam company . They take your money but try and withdraw and they completely ignore you.
Absolute crooks.

Linda Moyo answered 3 years ago
Be warned!! FMarket Capital has changed their trading name they are now ALL OPTION!!

They changed their address and contact details and are now operating under a new name. Those that are considering to invest with ALL OPTION be warned these people are frauds!! You will kiss your hard earned money goodbye and you wont get any returns. Even if they tell you that they will give you a trading bonus do not fall for it its  a scam.

Do not find out the hard way.

Kadian answered 3 years ago
I was scammed. I took a risk and it backfired. Is there anyway I could get even some of the money back???? Luckily I didn’t invest as much as they asked!!!!

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