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Richard asked 1 year ago

I’m dealing with a company called Votrextrade.com, and I requested a withdraw on $7500.

They said I need to pay my signal fee of $1903.00 with a deposit prior to getting my $7500. That is very scam-like to me and just don’t believe them.  Has anyone else been asked to pay a signal fee with a deposit prior to withdrawal?

I don’t mind paying the fee, but I’ve told them that I’ve never heard of a brokerage account that did not take out the fees from the account.

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kaiant answered 1 year ago

sir i invested 380$  3 month before  but  not send profit now he said we lost the trade plz  send my profit plz i related with poor family

Evan Cabral answered 1 year ago

Who’s saying this crap about it being a scam?? I have made successive withdrawals.. Don’t be misled folks.. Other brokers coming here to discredit votrextrade so they can get others into their own broker.. Please stop spreading fake news… Votrextrade is doing great and I’m a beneficiary

DOUADI MOHAMED AMINE answered 9 months ago

I’m from Morroco and i would like to share with you my experience with this scam website,

i would like to tell you officially , the website Votrextrade is big scam, warning for persons who likes to invest, i promise and i confirm you, it’s a scam really scam, i paid 1800 dollars of signal fee and i also paid 1000 dollars for next withdraw, after this the support doesn’t give me any reply since 12/12/2018 for my withdrawal, i have to proof and also i would like to tell all of you, there is someone with GINA BROOKES in Instagram who scam people in the of Votrextrade, i’m only ready to give any one my proofs
Warning People Votrextrade is a big scam !! contact me if you want any details.

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