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Richard asked 1 year ago

I’m dealing with a company called Votrextrade.com, and I requested a withdraw on $7500.

They said I need to pay my signal fee of $1903.00 with a deposit prior to getting my $7500. That is very scam-like to me and just don’t believe them.  Has anyone else been asked to pay a signal fee with a deposit prior to withdrawal?

I don’t mind paying the fee, but I’ve told them that I’ve never heard of a brokerage account that did not take out the fees from the account.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Richard,
This broker is not licensed or regulated, so we would be wary of paying any additional fees.

jonah answered 1 year ago

HI Richard, well i just stumbled upon this,i cant really say about you, but this is my 3rd week into trading and i have withdrawn already, i withdrew $2900, just few days ago. Votrextrade looks good to me

mazen khoder answered 1 year ago

Mr Richard how are you , please i had the issue with the same site , they asked for 1213 to withdraw 8000$ from my account , i didnt deposit cause its look like scam ,i wanted to know did do u make the deposit ? and received the withdraw or u didnt ? and this site is it scam site ?? please need help

mazen answered 1 year ago

hey , Mr richard , im dealing with the same company , and asks for 1214 also so i can withdray ! did you deposit for them and withdaw your money or what ?

Richard answered 1 year ago

NO, I did not deposit more money. I did find out they they are NOT authorized to trade options in the US. Jonah, one of the people above apparently was successful withdrawing money, but it’s only one person. I’m not planning on throwing good money at bad. I’d be more confident if they had a license to trade in the US, but they do not. It’s not a legal company.

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