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Nezam asked 2 years ago


Dear Trader,

My name is Nezam, based on London and I am trader.

I made deposit into this broker (VIP-Brokers) on 1st  December 2017 but in my bank account showed date 4th December 2017 (I made deposit of $250 but it has been charged  in my bank account; £194.91)

I was assigned to this broker ( through the one of the new software named Crypto-Advantage (This is automated Crypto-Currency signal software which just released in market 3 weeks ago). I just register into this software and I automatically has been assigned to one their affiliated broker based on my Geo area which it was VIP-Brokers.

I assigned to VIP-Brokers around 2 weeks ago and they called me many times to make deposit to start my trading which I finally did it $250 deposit last week Friday 1st December 2017.

Then I sent all of my verification documents such as proof of address, ID and Bank card detail (I sent without CCV) and Declaration form which mentioned they took $250 from my bank card (Receipt). Also I received lots of emails from them about verification and activation and etc.

I was shocked from their services and fake promises after my depositing which I heard during last 2 weeks from their adviser before my depositing. Why fake? because in first step asked me to deposit $250 then you can start but now asked $1000 !!!!.

During first 3 days which my account was funded and was ready to start; they called me many time to re-invest and increase my amount and I refused and ignore it as I already told them during 2 weeks ago, my plan is to start with minimum deposit $250 and then increase my account by the time if I would confident.  I asked them please also sync my account into Crypto-Advantage software to start trading.
Finally one of adviser asked me if I wanna to trade through Crypto-Advanateg software has to deposit again by another $750 to be totally $1000 (As minimum amount be able to linked in to any software; is $1000  !!!!!) otherwise you can not use this service from us.

I was shocked as nobody told me before and all the time they chased me for just starting $250. all of their adviser in their company told me by depositing minimum $250 you can start trading through Crypto Advantage but now story completely change in different way and it seem they don’t have any services for investor under $1000.

So I couldn’t trust them as they changed their word and I asked adviser I want to close my account as my account is verified and it’s ready. I already tole him which I can’t put more money and now I change my mined and I want to withdraw my money and close my account.

He said Yes you can withdraw all of your money of $250 and after hanging up the phone I wanted to log in to my account to withdraw it; which I RELEASED MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DELETED AND MENTIONED EMAIL AND PASS IS INVALID. I was shocked.

I send lots of email, calls and text and asked them to call me and explain but nobody answer and reply to me even through email (Used to be emailed me straightaway) Now I want to withdraw all of my money but I can’t go through my account.

So, Now I am telling to all trader to avoid VIP-BROKERS.  IT IS BIG SCAM

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emeka njoku answered 2 years ago

Please Nezam I need your contact so that we can work work together.  Am already a victim of VIP brokers scam. My 5,000 deposit is with them i have not done any trade and they are not responding to my withdrawal request.

Bhavarita Subramaniam answered 2 years ago

Are u manage to withdraw?

Sean Goh answered 2 years ago

Did any of you manage to withdraw a single cent from these blood suckers? I have gone thru the same shyt that they dumped on me. No replies of emails as well.
Brokers called and when I say I wish to withdraw, they hang up almost immediately. Are there anyone based in London able to bring this scamming ring down once and for all as it seems that they are still operating. 
What’s even worse is that I have only done one trade before and when I randomly log in to check my balance, my amount was decreased significantly according to my last finished trade.
It is damn frustrating to see them continuing to be operating under false pretense. Can anything be done to shut them down once and for all so that others will not get scammed?

Bhavarita Subramaniam answered 2 years ago

My dad invested 65k USD.all his retirement money gone.i really need help. 

Cooper Cat answered 2 years ago

You should claim back the money from your bank to the bank where the money was transfered. Report to the local police and to  the police in country where the money was transfered to. VIP Brokers are a boilerroom scam. A bunch of criminal individuals who only belongs in one place: Behind bars preferably in a really bad place where they get beaten up from the very morning to the  very night.

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