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Noel asked 1 year ago

Has anyone had trouble getting withdrawals paid by Trade Financial an Australian registered broker regulated by ASIC in Australia?

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 1 year ago

Most people investing at Trade Financial are using an automated trading robot.
The most popular Forex robot today is the FXMasterBot.

Clayton answered 10 months ago

Hi Noel
yes I am trying to get my funds trenfered back into my account now ,how did you go in the end please let me know. [email protected]

Amir answered 9 months ago

hi there,
please share your experience, I’m having an issue with the withdrawal and I would like to know your experience,

corey answered 9 months ago

yes I am also waiting. been weeks and no eta, just we are waiting on a update ourselves.

David reid answered 9 months ago

trade financial  is a scam you lost your money been waiting 2 months for withdrawal 

Peter Ksiazek answered 9 months ago

Yes been waiting on my withdrawal for 2 months,and spent the last hour on the phone with nobody answering

amanda answered 9 months ago

they have just logged me out with a notice about no longer trading,
ASIC have taken them to court i just read, anyone else know anything more.
We invested, then got told to buy a trade and it died in arse, so not impressed.

Musa answered 9 months ago

Well I guess I also got scammed.
It’s funny how before you make the deposit you are such a priority .$250  gone just like that no more calls or email after requesting your withdrawal.

Diane Mancuso answered 9 months ago

Trade financial been waiting for 3 months to get my money back email’s sent always come back with some bloody excuses furious I put $1000 who h was all my money I had really angry has anyone had an answer yet?

Garyd answered 8 months ago

Scum ripped me off for $5500 and keep saying it is ASICs fault they cannot rrefund my money lying scumbags.

David Main answered 8 months ago

I cannot get my money back either I have lost my $500

Tanya answered 7 months ago

I invested R3000.. Spoke to Stravos who was so friendly when we started trading. He made R1000 in one day for me.

Then he insisted I put in more money. I said I don’t have more to put. He kept on saying how if I don’t put in more I wont make more. Then he made a trade on my account and I lost more than half. He knew exactly what he was doing and I know nothing about trading.

He promised to help me along the way. When I saw the account was loosing money I requested to withdraw my small balance. several emails and withdrawal requests. I emailed Stravos directly and asked him for the refund and told me I always wanted to withdraw the money and that is just my “Mindset” I want everyone to know that Trade Financial is a total scam. Don’t give them your details. Don’t give them your card details.

Don’t talk to them. Because the are not licensed either there is no way of laying an official complaint.

Glenno answered 6 months ago

So pissed, not only did I put in funds and was winning positions, I later got calls to advise of trades and later heard that the system had got hacked. Lost thousands….and later found a trading glitch in which closed automatically and time stamped the loss 1hr prior to the trade…weird.
Challenged them and got my trading glitch money noted but no funds returned for 6 months after repeated email attempts.
Also, challenged them on advising and the hack, no proof so I had a choice with the advice but still contesting the hack loss….prob BS as there was no phone record of the conversation…They offered 1K settlement as there was no documented evidence for me to go to court.
Oh, the trade glitch, got 2.3K agreement yet awaiting funds still……..grr

Paul answered 6 months ago

been waiting for my refund for 2 months now – has anyone heard about whats going on with the ASIC case they keep going on about?

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