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Mark Cashin asked 2 years ago

Please let me know if you have any experience of dealing with ST Capitals and an individual called James Freaudman who generates trading signals for clients of this company

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Lindsey hunt answered 2 years ago

Yes im dealing with the moment why what have you heard

mohammed answered 2 years ago

am dealing with them but am trying to call them for the last week am not able to reach to my account manager neither the office number allows not connecting
if you have any one to call there please send me his detail at +966568 111133 or my email [email protected]

Mohammed Kehail answered 1 year ago

I just want you and them to know that we have made a great progress and were able to locate them. They are based in Tel Aviv – Israel.
they are gangsters and thieves

Mohammed Kehail answered 1 year ago

they are also using money-net to accept payment  and now are communicating with money-net to find out how to refund our money back

Mohammed Kehail answered 1 year ago

There is two a guys there called “Adam Naji” and SAMI Al-ASHKAR . I am not even sure that this his real names. they are calling from a UK number and says that their office is located in the heart of London, but I can assure you that he is no where near London. This guys has a really nice and professional attitude that makes you believe everything they says, but in fact he is the biggest lying bogus men you could ever see.
I was fooled by them and they managed to get Euro 20,000 from me and 10,000 euro from my son , but lucky enough not to transfer $200,000 from my company as I came to know from different sources that they are a total scam. I tried to withdraw my money back but they said you have to reach my bonus turnover but on other hand other investor never got any bonus but also not able to get his money
Stcapitals is 100% scam. The ST stands for “steal”. They tempt prospects with “so good to be true” investment opportunities

maurice thomas answered 8 months ago

I believe the correct spelling is Freudman and he is with options signals. He recommended stcapitals to me. I cant open my account at st capitals. My account stands at 40,000. They are thieves. Don’t have anything to do with them.

Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 8 months ago

Talk with the guys at:
They may be able to get your money back for you.

Boniface answered 6 months ago

They have sucked me. But the hell is awaiting for them

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