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Phillip asked 6 months ago

Hey Crypto Investors,

I received an email from Bitcoin Millionaire Pro and went to their website to see their new trading system. It is suppose to make money with Crypto and Currency trading. They gave me a trading account at this Estonian company called TradoSpot.

Has anyone else invested with TradoSpot, and are they a legitimate company. It says they are licensed by MTR, but then it also says on their website:

“TradoSpot OÜ is under a ”Hold Harmless Service Agreement” with Stepa Acquiring Ltd, Reg no: 95715, Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road Ajeltake Island, Majuro Marshall Islands MH 96960″

No idea what a Hold Harmless Agreement is, but it seems shady to me because of the Marshall Islands address.

I saw in the forum that many people are having problems with their broker stealing more, or not giving it back when they try to make a withdrawal.

Let me know your thoughts on TradoSpot.



(I will probably just invest at Pepperstone, because they are licensed and have tight spreads)

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Phillip,
The first thing you should look at when you choose a Forex broker is for a local licensed broker. 
Meaning, if you live in Australia, use a broker that is licensed and regulated by ASIC. If you live in England, then trade at an FCA authorised broker.
Also, you must beware of managed account scams, that many online companies call you about. A financial broker needs a special license in order to invest your money for you.
See the list of licensed Forex brokers.
You should start with a Free Demo Account at Plus500.
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Lynda answered 2 months ago

They made it sound so great I’m a first time trader. I borrowed the money to start it then they wanted me to get more I couldn’t so they placed me on a automatic bidder and told me when my funds get higher she would contact me and help me achieve my goal of a better life for my babies and I.

Nothing was happening for a couple of weeks and today I checked my Tradospot account and my money was in -$$$

I have contacted Harry Smith advisor  and  Mia the manager asking them to contact me and so far I have not heard back. I don’t know what to do I didn’t have any money that’s why I borrowed it to start and now I have even less each week from my pay because I have to pay the loan back. I knew nothing about stockmakets Harry Smith  contacted me on a number of occasions over a few years saying  he’s been thinking of my situation of having no money and wanted me to trust him so he can help me make my life better for kids and I  and seemed so sincere, and  I just had enough of having not enough money for my kids and I to have a better life. I took a chance with Harry he made it sound so great, then I deposited the money I borrowed  money i didn’t have really Harry introduce me to Mia and She was so nice and made it sound like this is going to get me that Better life. Now my stock account is saying -$ $$.

I don’t know what to think or do about this. What can I do

fil answered 2 weeks ago

it is a big time scam. sorry you can kiss you money goodbye.

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