Should I Invest Money With Brighter Trade?

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george asked 1 year ago

Hi fellow investors,

I got an email from Crypto World about their new trading system for Forex and Bitcoin, and they created an account for me with the brokers Brighter Trade.

Has anyone ever invested with this company Brighter Trade, and have successfully withdrawn their profit?

I have read about brokers that take forever to process withdrawals, and other brokers that do not allow you to withdraw your money at all. This broker is in Estonia, do they have a good regulatory system?

Thank you,


(I will probably just continue using Pepperstone, because they have tight spreads on Bitcoin)

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi George,

When choosing a Crypto / Forex broker to trade with, ONLY use a licensed broker!

Your broker should be licensed and regulated in your home country. No honest broker would invest your money for you, because they profit when you lose money. See the list of licensed Forex brokers.

You should start with a Free Demo Account at

If you are having problems withdrawing your money, you may need the help of MyChargeBack.


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Kerry C answered 6 months ago

Lots of (negative) insights so far from people who have been burned or singed by the hard sell \”Account Managers\” in the Estonian Contact Centre. I considered testing the system with a small investment but have decided now to save my money and time.

My initial interest was as a  result of Andrew Forrest (allegedly) disclosing his latest money making venture to Waleed Aly on Chanel 10’s The Project. However, it\’s hard to verify but the Andrew Forrest video clip may date back to 2015. The promo is published by and is a rolling self promotion with the same stories with “Here’s the deal” continuously repeated. A monstrous pile of Clickbait horse manure.

The first inbound sales phone call arrived within seconds of registering interest in opening an account. The phones calls have continued now for three days but I have resisted pursuing my initial interest. They are too persistent and will not accept “let me get back to you in my time” and continuously focus on the present never to be repeated opportunity. When it seems too good to be true it probably is. Has the sound  and appearance of Scam all over it.

mu answered 6 months ago

they are bigtime scammer!  they stole 18500 euro from me in less than 30 min. last year September. Sinds then they keep calling me to put money in the account so i can get my money back. they are thieves and lyers and they will do anything and say anything to make you feel special and promise you the moon. i have bin so naive and stupid to believe it and desperate sinds. all the victims of Brightertrade should come together and fight for our money .maby take a lawyer together like a collective and make these lyers pay fot what they are doing. I hope one day we will get them back but i can not do it alone.

Ray answered 2 months ago

I have lost 1000s of pounds with Brighter Trade. I was past from one dealer to another each one lost money and you do not hear from them again and yet they are still asking me to invest more money. Twice I have been contacted my are ‘senior manager’ who will help me recover my lost money, which basically means me transferring more money into my trading account but you do get bonus to top up the money you have invested , when I was offered these ‘bonuses’ I said ‘what is the catch’ the reply was there is no catch the monies yours , but try drawing it out and you are told you can not draw it out because it is a bonus!

These ‘traders’ are either grossly incompetent or, as I suspect, it’s a SCAM, this coupled with my mind numbing stupidity means they get an early Christmas.

If any one knows how to get their money back I would like to know, but I am 99% sure it has gone for good.

Please DO NOT USE BRIGHTER TRADE. It is too late for me and it would seem too late for many others.


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