Should I Invest Money With Brighter Trade?

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george asked 1 year ago

Hi fellow investors,

I got an email from Crypto World about their new trading system for Forex and Bitcoin, and they created an account for me with the brokers Brighter Trade.

Has anyone ever invested with this company Brighter Trade, and have successfully withdrawn their profit?

I have read about brokers that take forever to process withdrawals, and other brokers that do not allow you to withdraw your money at all. This broker is in Estonia, do they have a good regulatory system?

Thank you,


(I will probably just continue using Pepperstone, because they have tight spreads on Bitcoin)

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi George,

When choosing a Crypto / Forex broker to trade with, ONLY use a licensed broker!

Your broker should be licensed and regulated in your home country. No honest broker would invest your money for you, because they profit when you lose money. See the list of licensed Forex brokers.

You should start with a Free Demo Account at

If you are having problems withdrawing your money, you may need the help of MyChargeBack.


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Kevin answered 1 year ago

Agree with all the above comments. This outfit is an absolute scam. BEWARE!!

Chris answered 1 year ago

I’m in the same situation, deposited 250 and pushed me further 500. Now asking me to verify the account for the refund. Any other solutions to get rid of these scammers?

Stephen Ward answered 1 year ago

My name is Stephen Ward. .Do NOT invest with Brightertrade! They don’t add promised bonuses or always add profitable trades to your account. They don’t respond to emails or fob you off with automated replies. My account manage, a South African  who goes by the name of David Miller is a their and a liar. Who’s ‘advice’ cost me around $5000. I placed a request to withdraw my remaining funds but after assurances it was being dealt with and waiting the mandatory 10 days, still no refund. Now, they are complete ignoring me. They are robbing bastards, do not trust them

Jenny answered 1 year ago

do not go with this mob.
I put in $250 and was phoned within 5 minutes by Josh Miller.
After this initial conversation, i did not respond to their calls.  they rang me twice a day about three times a week, for about 10 weeks.  i finally answered andn spoke also to DAVID MILLER the sth African from London.
He spent one and a half hours trying to persuade me to take him on as my fund manager.  i continued to opt to use the automated software currency trader, with much dialogue.
my initial $250 was eaten to $73 by their inactive fines.  i bought $40 of USD and my balance is now $1.73.  there is nothing showing where the bucks have gone.
David hasnt rung me…. 🙁
i did not provide identity documents they requested, glad to read many others didnt too.
i have cancelled the card i used to sign up with these people.
i was curious, and knew it was risky.   But it is very blatant and so easy to give them your money.
And why would aa ‘manager’ from London spend 1.5 hours on the phone, and send me emails for a grand investment of only $250?!

Kat answered 1 year ago

I also fell for the “Shark Tank” scam and invested 250US. After many conversations with “the owner David” who apparently has millions of customers, he emailed me saying I had confirmed a further payment of 1000US.

Realising I had been scammed I asked for a refund with the same response as others. They wanted all my personal details. NO WAY! I threatened several times that I would report them to the ACCC.

Finally got my refund! Now I keep getting emails and text messages that I can’t stop!

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