Should I Invest Money With Brighter Trade?

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george asked 2 months ago

Hi fellow investors,

I got an email from Crypto World about their new trading system for Forex and Bitcoin, and they created an account for me with the brokers Brighter Trade.

Has anyone ever invested with this company Brighter Trade, and have successfully withdrawn their profit?

I have read about brokers that take forever to process withdrawals, and other brokers that do not allow you to withdraw your money at all. This broker is in Estonia, do they have a good regulatory system?

Thank you,


(I will probably just continue using Pepperstone, because they have tight spreads on Bitcoin)

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi George,

When choosing a Crypto / Forex broker to trade with, we always recommend using a licensed broker!

Your broker should be licensed and regulated in your home country. No honest broker would invest your money for you, because they profit when you lose money. See the list of licensed Forex brokers.

You should start with a Free Demo Account at Plus500 or the popular FCA licensed brokers ForTrade.


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Stuart Newberry answered 2 months ago

I responded to ‘Bitcoin Loophole’ which featured on a BBC programme “Dragons Den’ Something came up on FB about Bitcoin Loophole. I clicked on the article and then followed a link, which took me to Brighter Trade.

I completed the initial info and within seconds I had a call from someone who called himself Sean Hendricks. He sounded foreign (ie spoke English with a foreign accent) He said he was based in London. The number was 020 3769 0293. He was very pushy and wanted me to invest my initial £250 immediately. I told him I don’t operate that way as i want to check things and reflect before I made a decision. He said he didn’t want to deal with me as I wasn’t the sort of client he wanted to work with!

My reflection reveals this is a scam – so beware!

Tony Agrella answered 2 months ago

I transferred the amount 250 usd to be able to start, after Brighter trade received the money the stated that they needed to verify the account and needed a lot of personal information, which i am not prepared to give. I requested that they pay the money back into the account that it was received from. They refuse to do this, want a manager to talk to me about investing it , or i must fulfill the verification process (give copies of all my personal details )  to request a withdrawal. which will take 14 days after that.
This is what they want : sounds fishy to me.


Colour copy of a valid Government issued Photo ID
Examples of accepted Photo ID: Driver’s License/ National Identity Card/ Passport.
Expiration date must be valid. The entire document must be present in the copy uploaded including full name, ID number, photo and expiration date.
Colour Copy of a valid Utility Bill as proof of your current address. This can be a payment request/receipt, sent to your legal address, such as Water/ Electric/ Gas/ Internet/ Land Line Phone bill, or a recently issued bank statement. In order for it to be approved, the utility bill/bank statement must be issued within the last 6 months of submission. The entire document must be present in the copy uploaded including your full name, address, issuance date and utility company logo.
If a Credit Card was used to fund the account, we require front and back colour copies of the Card.

Robert Stordy answered 1 month ago

Hi TonyAgrella, did you get your £250 back from Brighter Trade.
I also paid the initial amount and wanted my money back, but they said that I would have to verify my details with the usual information.

Kevin.brownbill answered 1 month ago

I fell for this exact scam except they took £1200 from me . They want all my private delails. No way will I do this. Expensive lesson.. now cannot even log onto the web site. Passwords they send don’t work it’s a scam and this lot are thieves

Sharon Pring answered 1 month ago

Help. I got sucked into something called Bitcoinloophole because the video show the men on Shark Tank investing $2 & 1/2 million for 20% of their company & I trust Shark Tank, very savvy business people. So I agree to invest $250 US yesterday & they have taken more than $725 AU in 2 transactions & are asking for same ID as above. What can I do? I am pensioner & now lost everything. I will not give them my ID. Please. what can I do to get my money back?

Colin Low answered 1 month ago

I invested 500 usd, went through the full verification process, made no trade, asked for my money back. They wanted to know why, I  explained it was to see if they would. 12 days later it was refunded. Still not confident …

Michael answered 1 month ago

But in the above examples:- surely Brighter Trade are following rules that mean they only pay out to verified accounts. Verification is a process that you usually have to be prepared to go through to prevent money laundering. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Laila answered 1 month ago

I lost 14600 euro, i never gone dimo such å supid thing again..

Colin Richardson answered 2 weeks ago

I have been stung the same way for 500. I paid it to them 2 weeks ago and changed my mind and asked to close my account and return my money. Of course they said . So far no money and now I can’t make contact with Brighter Trade at all. Somehow they have blocked any way of contacting them. 81 years old and I got stung! No fool like an old fool. I just cannot afford a loss like that.Colin.

EDWIN VISSER answered 2 weeks ago

I’ve got sucked into Btighter Trade scam aswell. When I want to close my account. A lot of stories. Lost 10000USD

Christopher Carroll answered 2 weeks ago

Brighter Trade is a SCAM !! I requested my USD $250 back after the first phone call. They wanted to remotely access my computer to “help me load their software”. They tried to up-sell me to a USD25,000 trial investment because the software doesn’t work well with smaller amounts ??  I’ve had to insured my identity for theft. They are refusing to refund my USD250. I’ve told them I just want it back to see if they would return profits. They don’t. It’s a SCAM.

Baz answered 2 weeks ago

Hi, I invested US250.00 with Brightertrade, went through the process of identification. They traded and lost US172.00 whilst I thought they were showing me the system. Wasn’t happy and asked for my balance of US 68.00, was then told minimum withdrawal was US100.00. then went to deposit further funds to enable the withdrawal to find the account empty.

It is a complete SCAM.

Introduced to this after watching the Shark program, where they supposedly invested $2m.

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