Are Alliance or Green Regulated brokers?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsAre Alliance or Green Regulated brokers?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Are these two brokers regulated ?
Alliance options
Green zone
These two brokers are recommended by toriigroup binary signals

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 4 years ago

No they are not licensed brokers.
You can see a list of licensed & regulated brokers here:

Also, you should always double check that the broker has their license number on their website. Just because a broker says that binary options are regulated, does not mean the broker has a license.

Anonymous answered 4 years ago

 i deposited money with them and they are not allowing me to take the money back , i gained some small profits i even mentioned them i dont want that and begged them to give my investment back i really dont know what should i do now , please suggest

Amr Aly answered 4 years ago

I also deposit with them 15K and after 9 months and in the last month they still my money and make its balance 0
they are a scam ring 

Amr Aly answered 4 years ago

what you decide to do with them ?

bestun Sinjary answered 4 years ago

Hi Amry aly
I also deposited money with them following Millar  and just in last few days they have increased the trade size and losing.
I am afraid I am going to loss all my fund?
Did they compensate you by anyway?
Did you contacted them

I hope to hear from you .
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