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Kevon Mason asked 2 years ago

I foolishly invested a large amount of money with WMOptions approximately January 2017, who have now changed their name to PrimeCFDS.

My account manger Ethan Stark assured me that I would easily be able to make a withdrawal. Not long after informing my account manger I would be making a withdrawal soon, he refused to answer my calls. After contacting their support number, i was told the reason was that i now have a new account manger Mark Spencer. Mark informed me that my account set up with a bonus, prevents me from making a withdrawal until a massive trading volume is achieved.

Mark offered 3 different options to consider where they would reduce the credit, and the wager against it, if I put in some money that would reduce the so called Bonus, or credit as they now call it. If i took one of these options they would allow me to withdraw a sum each month as required. He was very pushy about this, and now that i have decided to stay with the current setup he has gone sulky and says i am now on my own, despite being told that they would be on call to help when required.

My platform is what is known as Meta4. I can still make trades etc, and see my balance and margin. Does anyone think i would be wasting my time to attempt to achieve the trading volume PrimeCFD’s have put in place? Or is there a possibility that I could get my money once I achieve the trading volume?

I am thinking that i might be wasting my time, and have to accept this as the silliest thing i have ever done.

Any comments are welcome. I would love to know if anyone has had similar dealings with Primecfds, formally WMOptions.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 2 years ago

At one point it said that they are licensed in Vanuatu, It would be interesting to know if their regulator can do anything to help you.   
It is always best to trade with a licensed Forex broker, so you don’t have issues. See here:

Mahmoud ZareaBidaki answered 2 years ago

Hello everyone,
My case is sama as yours but a little different. I tested withdrawal, and money arrived in my card within 1 day, but issuing that , 1k of my profit went to bonus category. Others cases such as calling, deposit, gold account and …., happened. Main issue: when Some trades were going to huge profit direction, they canceled all and changed my balance to bonus totally!! As you know it means: you can not touch that. Right now I’m doing some to get back my money and I am sure I’ll have it soon 

Mahmoud ZareaBidaki answered 2 years ago

[email protected]

Han Elo answered 2 years ago

Main office of this scammers.
Horton House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool, L2 3PF UK

Han Elo answered 2 years ago

This is some of Prime CFDs scam account managers.
Oscar White, Robb Daniels, Ethan Stark, Mark Spencer, Roger Banks, Liam Brown, Andrew Novak, Jay Smith, Adam Louis…etc…etc…

Han Elo answered 2 years ago

Omni Global Solutions SLR, Romania, Bucharest. 17 Baba Novac str, Ground floor, B1 G13, Sc.2 Ap 15 Bucharest, Romania.

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