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Scam Trading Brokers Staff asked 2 years ago
So here is all the information we have about the Plus500 Bonus and Promotions of 2019.

When you open a new trading account, you are eligible for a “First Deposit Bonus”. There are certain terms and conditions that need to be met in order to actually realize the bonus in your trading account.

Here is the Plus500 bonus table, see here.

Minimum Deposit Bonus Amount Required TPoints Bonus Code
AU$300 AU$80 80 Welcome
AU$750 AU$200 150 BRONZE
AU$1,500 AU$300 200 SILVER
AU$7,500 AU$1,000 1000 GOLD
AU$15,000 AU$2,000 2500 PLATINUM
AU$75,000 AU$10,000 10000 DIAMOND

Here are some examples of trading points you can earn.

The following table shows how many trader points you will receive for each instrument by trading an amount of AU$1,500.

If you open a position on ASX 200 and buy a position worth of AU$57,000, you will receive 21.66 TPoints as in the table Each AU$1,500 is worth 0.57 TPoints.

If you open a position on Bitcoin and buy a position worth of AU$1,500, you will receive 9.31 TPoints.

If you open a position on Canopy Growth and buy a position worth of AU$1,500, you will receive 9.74 TPoints.

It is important thank you understand, the plus500 registration bonus is only available for investors that deposit money into their trading account. There is no such thing as a Plus500 No Deposit Bonus in 2019. Even the trading competition at 24Option, requires you to have a live trading account.

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Bonuses are offered only for traders registered for a trading account with Plus500AU Pty Ltd. For example UK residents registered for a trading account with Plus500UK Ltd will not be entitled of any bonuses, due to regulatory demands. More information about the bonuses offered can be found at

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