Is UProFX a Scam or a Good Broker?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs UProFX a Scam or a Good Broker?
Ranon asked 8 months ago


I have recently joined the online Forex trading company named UProFX, and started online trading with them since last week.  The company based in Estonia / Latvia and their web site is at

I would like to know the authenticity of the firm, and its money mangers, whether they are legitimate or a fraud?

I request your support to clarify this point before I continue investing with them.  I signed an agreement with UProFX, plus I submitted my verification documents to them as per their requirements. Just want to make sure their reliability for safe investing.

Thank you very much.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 8 months ago

The way you can know a Forex broker is genuine is if you verify that they are licensed and regulated.
Assuming you are from the United Kingdom, you would check with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to verify the brokerage firms license. You can find an FCA regulated broker, look here.
Estonia and Latvia are the hot beds of financial fraud, with hundreds of scams operating with fake addresses from there. It is interesting that this broker Uprofx lists an address is both countries, yet their phone number is in the United Kingdom. They are probably actually located in the Philippines, we will never know.
Be Smart, and choose one of the highly reputable brokers.

Paul answered 7 months ago

UproFX is a total scam. Just new on the social media and directly a lot of victims. It`s easy to deposit, and totally hoipeless to withdraw.

Run to your bank and make a chargeback if your deposit was made with Visa or Mastercard. From the approved date you will get 120 Days after that. UproFX is the same as KontoFx, a very fraudulent broker with a lot of victims. How difficult can it be too google a Company or check the FCA list.

Avoid to read Trustpilots Reviews . UproFx themselves publish fakre Reviews and report true scam victims reports.

Another tip, never trust a Cysec regulated broker, They are cooperating with the scam companies.

Walter Haefeli answered 6 months ago

UproFx – Scam!

Two days after my transfer of EUR 250, I told UproFX to return the money to me. I was consoled for 6 weeks, that it would not possible because of a “routine” … and I will get it after. I never touched my account nor traded! Now I get a call, I would have lost everything with my actions, if I would like to close it!

Danger: UproFX are cheaters and paid or perhaps won money you will never get back !!!!

JohnL answered 4 months ago

I have make trade on UproFX and it turn into -EUR1300. Them told me to clear the debt immediately if not I will get legal action from them. What should i do now?

Ian answered 2 months ago

I just paid the deposit in the firm as they told me they are linked with bitcoinrevolution and I needed to make an account there in order to use bitcoin revolution. I want to withdraw my money but they will not allow it unless if I show them a copy of my passport, utility bill, bank card (with most digits covered up) and they want me to sign this declaration that I paid them 250 euros. This all is so ridiculous and I have contacted my bank who have kindly offered to help.

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