Is RIMarkets a Scam or a Good Forex Broker?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs RIMarkets a Scam or a Good Forex Broker?
Scott asked 1 year ago

Hi People,

Can anyone verify for me if this broker RIMarkets is a good broker that makes money, or just another scam.

I used to have an account with OTCapital, and then I received a phone call about investing with a broker RIMarkets. They said that they have experience managing money, and they can get me good returns on my investment.

I checked the ASIC register and could not find the company RI Markets listed.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.



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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Scott,

This broker is based in the Marshal Islands, which means that they are not regulated and not authorised by ASIC.

As an Australian, you should only use a broker that holds an Australian forex brokers licensed like

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tshidi answered 1 year ago

I will advise you not to use this broker, i used it. they try to play you a video of how you can make money from $200 and then show you how many people made money from that, but at the end of the day. They will tell you how you must deposit more money and they cant work with little money.

I nearly lost all my money there, the lady who was supposed to help me told me she deals with large money of more than $10000 so she needs me to deposit that money. that money is Rands is R100 000.

i decided to withdraw the little i was left with.


Meriyani abd rahman answered 1 year ago

Same as me. They asked me to fill my credit card no.. And 4 digit inside my credit card.

I didnt do… They asked me to open my online banking tok see how much money i have and they tell me that they want to plan to make big money.

I also decline. After that they asked me to put some more money. I already put 200 usd. They its no enough to make trade. They asked me to put some more until 500 usd.
I also decline. After that they always call me twice a day. I didnt pick up the call.

Kieren answered 4 months ago

Hey there my question relates to Europe FX are they a scam do you know ?
They lost my 24k in a little over a week?

What can I do they said they were regulated through ASIC.
Thank, Kieren

Arthur answered 3 months ago

RImarkets is just ANOTHER SCAM. RIMarkets is owned and operated by Fcorp services Ltd, which is registered on the Marshall Islands. The broker is not regulated.

RImarkets are using misleading ads on facebook. Their tactics are as described by tshidi above. I wouldn’t trust them to even send a refund into my bank account. Needless to say that I will loose my deposit of US250.

Elizabeth Polllard answered 2 months ago

Scammers big time they wormed 1500 out of me finding it hard to get my money back not easy would not touch this company

Bob answered 2 months ago

Scam, stay clear.

Dave answered 1 month ago

I got scammed of £200 they give you the hard sell I refused and demanded a refund they hung up on me and there numbers are non responsive it’s a total scam I’m chasing a refund through my bank for fraudulent deception I’m gutted I fell for this please don’t trust these thieves.

klaas answered 2 weeks ago

they took also 250 euro from me and also came with so-called great oppurtunities to invest like in Amazon. if i want a refund of mine money they are asking all kind of documents , but i wont sent it, as i am afraid that they will use it for other scam things, using mine indentity. i dont even to bother to get the money back as that will be waste of time.they are calling me every day, but i dont answer and block right away all the numbers they use

Patrick answered 1 week ago

Has anyone worked out how to get their money back without sending them the documents? These guys are scumbags

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