Is GotoOption a scam?

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paul harrison asked 3 years ago


Can you tell me if the binary options broker GotoOption is a scam?

They will not refund my money. They are registered in the Marshall Islands.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 3 years ago

GotoOption is not a licensed broker.
You need to trade with a licensed broker, otherwise you will never see your money again.

Robert Humble answered 2 years ago

GoToOptions is a total scam. Take your money and use it to trade but won’t pay out. Won’t answer emails or phone calls. No money returned. Asked to close account, won’t answer. Dealt with someone called Declan, I don’t think he exists. If you want to lose your money go to GoToOptions.

Nicholas John Harrison answered 2 years ago

Do NOT deal with these people. They are fraudulent.

Ranon answered 2 years ago

there are lots of us who have had our money stolen from this company gotooption/AC marketing. all dealt with Dean mcfarlane, who is the main broker for this scam. very friendly when you give him the money, tells you its all going great, but when you want your money out you get a load of bullshit. if anyone on this forum has lost money, leave a message here, and contact action fraud, beacause the city of london police are investigating these scammers.

Nikol Lina answered 2 years ago

I fell on it too, lost my savings and even made a debts. I have put on this more than $50k and there was no results with my withdraw requests, till I found my balance is almost empty. I’m going to try contact regulator, cause my bank and credit company can’t help me with that. Can’t say anymore that it looks like a disgusting fraud

Dean McFarlane answered 2 years ago

This is Dean,
I was the Team Leader for GoToOption. When this company started my thoughts were that it was a completely legitimate firm, after months of everything going well, we were taking deposits, and doing regular withdrawals, probably from around december 2015 to june 2016, this was when the company started getting larger investments, a lot from my close friends, this was when withdrawals became rather difficult, through my trust and belief in the boss\’s and owners of the business Oliver Hooper and Allister Banton, i did not panic and believed the complete lies that were being told to me, which I unfortunately relayed onto trusting clients, after a few more months of nobody getting withdrawals and staff not being paid the company fell to pieces, I had stopped taking deposits months before and stopped making calls entirely. I stayed for months and months, receiving no pay to ensure people got their money back. I even lent Ali and Oli my life\’s savings, which they then stole and dissolved the company, since looking in my eyes and begging to borrow my savings and ensuring everyone would get there money back Oli has dissapeared, Allister has turned up to 1 meeting and promosied to sort this to over 10 clients, he has since dissapeared. these 2 boys are complete scam artists and not only used me, but everyone who worked there to line their pockets, these boys have completely ruined lives and think theve gotten away with it, for the record Oli is a heartless piece of scum and Ali is just a lying piece of shit. And to a lot of people that think i was part of it your mistaken, i had no control of money i was simply a phone sales person, i spent best part of year not being paid building a mountain of debt trying to sort this, to which theve just vanished.
if you are lucky they might answer – 
alliser Banton – 07957 759634
oliver hoopers parents house – 01277 896325

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