Is GotoOption a scam?

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paul harrison asked 3 years ago


Can you tell me if the binary options broker GotoOption is a scam?

They will not refund my money. They are registered in the Marshall Islands.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 3 years ago

GotoOption is not a licensed broker.
You need to trade with a licensed broker, otherwise you will never see your money again.

James Marshall answered 3 years ago

I have friends that also trade with them, From my experience they do all withdrawals as long as the terms and conditions are met. Appreciate the feedback though 

Michael answered 3 years ago

GoToOption have been one of the best companies ive worked with i had trouble sorting out my documents for compliance however withdrawing my money have not been a problem, I have lost money and made money. I am happy with my investment here if you would like to see my account and results send me an email. 

Ricky answered 3 years ago

I have dealt with Gotooption for a while now and have never had any problems, my broker Lewis deals with my portfolio and is in constant contact with me, keeping me up to date on how my account is looking.
After visiting there offices i was still sceptical but Lewis ensured me and made me feel comfortable that i was making the right choice, till this day i am very happy with gotooptions, i have made my initial investment (which was fairly quickly) and never had any problems with withdrawing so am a bit confused with the allegations to previous threads.
Kind Regards

David Bradshaw answered 3 years ago

Ricky, where did you meet your broker?  Since I asked for a withdrawal my broker Dean has not contacted me and in response to a message from me has told me I am no longer his client but has not answered my request for contact details for the accounts people.  I have sent recorded delivery letters to their address in East Smithfield and Houndsditch but neither has been acknowledged.  Not the way to treat a client.  They have withdrawn the funds in my account but have not paid them to me: this looks like theft to me.
Michael, we can’t email you if you don’t give your address.

David Bradshaw answered 3 years ago

Latest twist is that I sent a signed-for letter to GoToOptions at 133 Houndsditch and it has just come back marked “Gone Away”! Admittedly it was addressed to Allister Anton and not Allister Banton but that should not have made any difference. Has anybody else had trouble contacting this company at this address? All you guys who have reported such wonderful service, what address do you have?
(Interesting that people who are entirely satisfied with the service they get from GoToOptions find it necessary to read about this scam. Makes one wonder if they are really clients…..)

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