Is GotoOption a scam?

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paul harrison asked 3 years ago


Can you tell me if the binary options broker GotoOption is a scam?

They will not refund my money. They are registered in the Marshall Islands.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 3 years ago

GotoOption is not a licensed broker.
You need to trade with a licensed broker, otherwise you will never see your money again.

David Bradshaw answered 3 years ago

I visited the address given on their “Contact Us” webpage, 8 Vaughan Way in Tower Hamlets and had a conversation with the lady who ives there.
Not the address for GoToOption but a private residence. I’ve asked for my account to be closed and the balance to be returned to me. 
GTO have not replied to letters or emails. 
They have withdrawn the funds from my account over a week ago but have not paid them into my bank account as requested or contacted me.
I think a report to Action Fraud is coming up.  I recommend anyone who is owed money be this company to report them to Action Fraud with as much information as possible to bring these people to justice. 
You can do this online or talk to someone at 0300 123 2040.

David Bradshaw answered 3 years ago

Has Rajvinder Saivagurantham really met with the account manager? If so, where? At the GoToOption offices? Who is the account manager?

Or is Rajvinder Saivagurantham not a real client of GoToOption?

Anonymous Trader answered 3 years ago

Hi David,  I am thev’author’  of this article and the chap also having a nightmare!!
I’d be really interested to chat please?
[email protected]

James Marshall answered 3 years ago

I have been trading with them for a few months now. Made a small withdrawal, got it in about a week. Not tried anything larger yet but has been smooth so far. My account manager is called George 

Anonymous Trader answered 3 years ago

James, you have just kissed your money good bye. Everything was fine for me (and others) to begin with. As the ‘author’ of this thread I am now in personal contact with several people off this thread all of whom are having a total nightmare.
 You should avoid them at all costs, trust me they are total con the artists and the worst people and company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.
 Do you not be fooled.

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