Is GotoOption a scam?

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paul harrison asked 3 years ago


Can you tell me if the binary options broker GotoOption is a scam?

They will not refund my money. They are registered in the Marshall Islands.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 3 years ago

GotoOption is not a licensed broker.
You need to trade with a licensed broker, otherwise you will never see your money again.

Paul harrison answered 3 years ago

After contacting my local MP the Minister for Justice has suggested I contact the Gambling Comisaion for them to put pressure on them.
To clarify, DO NOT touch this company. Everything was rosie for the first few months until I started making good profits. THEY DO NOT PAY YOU THESE.  I was also pressured into depositing more and more money. Up to £6,500 (which they will round up to £10k). Avoid all bonuses, their small print basically means they keep your money, whether you win or lose your bets.
These people are total con artists. I hope they die early and rot in hell.

R Prosser answered 3 years ago

I tried on 5th august to get my money,nothing and no one will answer why

James Godbolt answered 3 years ago

So far so good. V.good service and trading. I have done regular withdraws also

David Bradshaw answered 3 years ago

I am still trying to withdraw my funds and get my account closed after several months.  Why do they not give a telephone number or reply to letters or emails?  Have you looked at their premises on Google Earth – it looks like a private house (it even appears to have a “For Sale” sign up).  I think a vist to Vaughan Road is required, preferably with “the boys”.  Failing that, a report to Action Fraud since witholding funds that belong to me is theft, surely?

Rajvinder Saivagurantham answered 3 years ago

Been working with Go to option for coming up to a year now. Made a consistent 10% return every month, withdrew 3-4 times and met my account manager a few times. I’m experiencing great service given that I worked with a few binary options companies in the past that has been no way near as good as GoToOption. The only reason I have written my review is because I’m confused about the other problems people have claimed to face written above. 

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