Is GotoOption a scam?

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paul harrison asked 3 years ago


Can you tell me if the binary options broker GotoOption is a scam?

They will not refund my money. They are registered in the Marshall Islands.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 3 years ago

GotoOption is not a licensed broker.
You need to trade with a licensed broker, otherwise you will never see your money again.

Fallguy answered 3 years ago

I am also trying to get my account closed, without success so far.

Paul harrison answered 3 years ago

I made a profit of £1300+ over my first few weeks. They will not give it me, even trying to contact them is totally impossible. The worst company I have ever dealt with. Scum, I hope they all rot in hell. Don’t touch them EVER. I’ve approached FCA, FOS, trading standards, and now my local MP. 
So, the moral is: if you lose money, they keep it. 
If you make money, they keep it, total cunts,

Nigel answered 3 years ago

I have had an account with Go To Option for a while now I have had regular withdrawals, always found their staff to be helpful. I have a managed account with them and they’ve made me some great returns. Always get my money between 2-3 working days, as I withdraw the first Friday of every month. 

Paul Harrison answered 3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. As the ‘author’, and the person that is having a total nightmare with this company, can anyone give me a phone number for them which they actually answer.
Thank you.

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