Is FinRoyalty a Scam or a Good Forex Broker?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs FinRoyalty a Scam or a Good Forex Broker?
Martha asked 7 months ago

Hi Investors,

Can anyone verify for me if this broker FinRoyalty is a good broker that makes money, or just another scam.

I used to have an account with a company called Brokerz, and they were a total scam, and then I received a phone call about investing at FinRoyalty. They claim to have experience managing big money, and they said they can give me solid advice, and high returns on my investments.

I checked the listed of regulated brokers at Cysec and FCA, but could not find the company FinRoyalty listed. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you,


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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi Martha,
This broker lists an address of Corporate Griffith Center, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Hundreds of companies are using that Post Office box.
They are not a regulated broker, and as you already know from your experience with other Forex brokers, it is wise to invest with an FCA licensed Firm.
You can see an updated listed of the Popular Regulated Brokers.
Best of luck

Mike answered 6 months ago

Hi guys,

sorry for not replying, yeah i withdraw part of the money to see what is going to happen.

Still I have money with Finroyalty, so far I font have any issues, if something bad happens, I will be posting here first.



Sasa M answered 6 months ago


Chris used to trade with for almost 2 years. I was in a terrible situation after my wife left me,  i was litteraly broke.

I started trading, as that was my only way out it seemed. I started with 500 with some guy, who made me some small profits but latter i was transfered to chris. I was blessed to ever speak with such a person. Cheerfull and very proffesional at the same time. Most of all he managed to explain a lot of things about how the market really works so i became a trader myself.

Where is Chris now,  i would like to speak with him?

Treasure answered 5 months ago

I requested withdrawal even today no answer.

Tony answered 4 months ago

Hi all this a total scam – Finroyalty, brokers and School4broker sites.  Took 250 USD from my account and didn’t get proper email acknowledgements with wrong telephone numbers.  Couldn’t get through through on any numbers when I tried calling back.  Went through live chat initially and got a call back straight away from a guy who called himself Mike and he spent nearly an hour with me setting account up as he said better to start trading ASAP.
However when I tried to call back through live chat again no one called me.  Funny heh.
Mile told me someone would get in touch on Monday and when asked why I couldnt start trading now he advised I needed to go through ID checks so sounded scammy then. He assured me it was going to be great and good return in money.
Anyway after the money was taken out and call ended I searched the company and realised I had been scammed.  I have notified my credit card company who will carry out a fraud investigation and also reported to my council.
The guy Mike that has been replying on this trail maybe the Mike I spoke to as only positive post.
Really nasty people.

Rob answered 4 months ago

On Finroyalty: I am dealing with a guy named Stephan Embrosi. Until now ok. Chris Nielsen disappeared after having me set up.
I can’t get in touch with him anymore, he was fired from Finroyalty. He told me many lies that he is the owner of finroyalty and he is multy millionnaire etc..
I got some money withdrawn send by their own initiative.
Til now, ok.

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