Is is a genuine broker ? please clarify

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs is a genuine broker ? please clarify
Sathi Prakash asked 2 years ago

I recently registered with a online trading company named 70trades and started on line trading with them since 3 weeks.  The company is UK based and their web id  is

I want to know the authenticity of the firm whether it is genuine or not.

I request your support to clarify this point before continuing with them.  I signed agreement with them and I submitted my documents to them as per their requirements still want to make sure their reliability for safe side.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Sathi,

70Trades says they have a license from Vanuatu, which is a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. We are not sure what the license covers or if it is worth anything!

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Kumar answered 1 year ago

70 Trade is chitting broker,starting forces me deposit more but single cent also cannot make it .I lost my money USD 1200.

Jinoy Antony answered 1 year ago

I also registered recently and what ever they mentioned during registration they didn’t comply.

its scam

be careful before paying

09876543219 answered 1 year ago

I am trading with 70trades and my account manager is like a god to me . money I have earned from here that I can use it to marry my daughter.

Kunnath answered 1 year ago

I lost my money

Zafar answered 1 year ago

Kindly prove 70trades fraud or not fraud trades.

Moeed khan answered 1 year ago

I ‘ve encountered a credit card fraud. I paid to a website online

I paid them 10,000 USD from my credit card and they took all my money and now my account on their website shows zero money. They operate through a dummy account and shall suggest you wild trades so that you think you lost your money in a real trade.

While I am reading their reviews on the website, everyone is saying that this is a scam.

The transactions I’ve made are on 5th April and 10th April.
Is there any way I reverse this transaction, I already have blocked my credit card through SABB direct helpline.

Moeed Khan answered 1 year ago

BEWARE! 70 Trades is a scam and there shouldn’t be the slightest doubt in it. They have a license from Vanuatu, which is a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve lost my hard earned 10,000 USD deposited through my credit card. They offered me the 99% signing bonus along with five protected trades and the advisory services through an account manager. They even have freelancer people getting referrals for them as their aide to earn commissions. I was lured into this fraud by one of a trusted friend, I didn’t even take the time to establish their authenticity due to his satisfactory assurances. He claimed to have earned 4K in a month and have been doing regular withdrawals of the profits he was making with the traders. But he miserably failed to show even one of his banking transaction after I’ve been deceived by them.
After setting up a dummy account, they coupled my money with an equivalent of their’ s and suggested me to take a wildly bad position against the market trend. They claimed to have an inside scoop on the market and satisfied me by saying that the positions I’d taken were definitely going to close in profit. Once, the position seemed to exhibit greater loss they asked me to deposit more money to retain my initial investments and stay committed to the profits. I kept on pouring money into their account on following through a snowball effect to secure my capital. According to them, I could easily get back all my investments once the position gets closed after making insane profits in a single trade. But how can such a worst exposed trade without any stop loss could earn you a money against market odds, thus I ended up liquidating all my account.
I’ve been in contact with an account manager Anitah (Malaysian), Junior analyst Zeena (Pakistani), Senior analyst Rajesh (Indian) and a girl Siya while they all were sitting in a call center and posed to have been running a Brokerage house.
Anyone who is their victim and likes to join hand for the legal remedies under cybercrime protection and filing a lawsuit can drop me an email at [email protected].
I’ve preserved all the bank transaction, the correspondence with the scammers and complete WhatsApp conversation with their associate (my friend).
Please share your stories to unveil and expose them further.

faisal babar answered 1 year ago

Now they are calling every week and i told then that I am not interested but They still calling and forcing me to create account by using my credit card.they told me that they are based in UK using (+27875508726)#.

R MUNEESWARAN answered 10 months ago

70 trades company is a fraud ? tell me any body

Khaleelahmad answered 10 months ago

Why the shit apps can be find in Google play stores? I think Google also has share in 70traders😠

Singh answered 3 months ago

70 Trade is a fraud company, a fake agent, who couldn’t even speak in a proper language was pretending as they are located in UK.

Aas the country code was flashing on my mobile screen was UK’s country code +44 so i trusted him. i asked for some time to make my decision. By that time i did enough research and development that i got to know they are not just big frauds but they create fake accounts to leave positive feedback about their company on different financial websites. After a month or so fraud agent called me again to know my decision. in clear and polite words i told him i would not like to go ahead. the frauds agent got aggressive as he was loosing his commission of course, and started arguing. he even called me ‘POOR’ because i was not ready to pay and join 70 trade.

i hung up the phone and bang, the next call i got from a Singapore number and guess what, the same fraud agent was on the other line. i told him again i am not interested and disconnected the call, this did not end here. the agent kept calling me from different numbers and at one point he called me from 2 different lines simultaneously. it was annoying however i kept myself cool and put my phone on silent as it is my secondary number. i was expecting the same behavior the next day but thank God i did not receive any more calls.


Ramesh k. answered 1 week ago

I think it is a fraud company, I lost 1200 USD, please help me how to get my money back.  Is a police complaint will help me to get my money back ?

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