Should I Invest with Glenridge Capital?

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Hi fellow traders,

I got an email from Opus Formula about their trading system for binary options and they created an account for me with Glenridge Capital.

Has anyone else ever used Glenridge Capital and successfully withdrawn their profits?

I have read about brokers that take forever to process withdrawals, and other brokers that do not allow you to ever withdraw your money.

Also, does the Quantum Code robot work like it says it does?

Thank you,


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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Maria,
First of all, no one is investing with binary options. Binary options are for trading by yourself against the broker, and no real broker will invest your money with you in mind. Read more about managed accounts.
As for choosing a broker to trade with, we always recommend using a licensed broker. Either licensed by the CFTC, ASIC, or CySEC. There are very few complaints about legally registered binary option brokers. See the list of licensed binary option brokers.
We have not been able to see how FastCash works because they require you to deposit money first with the broker, and they have way too many Video pages.
The most popular auto trading robot is the BinaryOptionRobot, which you can read more about here. You choose from a list of reputable brokers, and you choose what the software trades for you.
Best of luck!

Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 4 years ago

Read the comments on the Glenridge Capital Review by other traders about their experience.

Thomas Lundgren answered 4 years ago

Glenridge capital is a scambroker who do not pay back the money that is deposit 

Mike answered 4 years ago

I have been waiting to get a withdrawal from GlenridgeCapital for 8 days.
No luck, I called and it’s all lousy reasons given, it’s a scam.

Former Account Manager answered 4 years ago

IT’S A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I worked for Glenridge Capital, I left because I could’t take it anymore to see behind the scene how they scam the customers. 

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