Have anyone heard of NSXcoin?

Investment ForumCategory: General QuestionsHave anyone heard of NSXcoin?
Norman asked 4 months ago

Have anyone heard of NSXcoin? Their website is at: https://nsxcoin.com/.

I saw a trading software called Bitcoin Loophole, and which I signed up, they asked me to make a deposit at NSXCoin.

So my real question is, is NSX a good company for investing, or are they a scam?

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jonathon wilson answered 2 months ago

scammers. as soon as u deposit they remove live chat, dont return any calls or emails. i didn’t even get my money invested in anything. it just sat there in my acc doing nothing.

so i tried to withdraw my money and laughter was the response. their what makes people hate people. how could u knowingly steal someones money and not care? probably due to them being what i call THE SCUM OF SOCIETY

Shannon answered 2 months ago

Scam and fraud, nsxcoin.com is all about that. Be careful. Do not bother visiting or registering on their website or platform or say goodbye to your money.

Heather answered 2 months ago

It is a scam. They pressure you into investing more & refuse to let you withdraw your money – my bank said because they had ‘howtopay billing’
they must be a legitimate company.
It looks good at the start but it is a total fraudulent operation.

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