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Mark Redman asked 5 years ago
I have recently opened an account with Amissio Formula trading software and my money was deposited to GTOptions Brokerage.

I realize now (after reading your reviews) that they are both scams. I still have $170.00 in my acct. and I have not verified anything with GToptions even though trades went through my account.

I would like to transfer my remaining funds to a legit broker / Robot, Top up my account and start trading. How can do this with minimum hassle?

Thanks so much for this site, It has been very informative and helpful thus far.

Tony Redman

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Tony,
Thanks for the kind words. ­čÖé
There is no way to transfer your funds from one broker to another broker.
The only way to go about doing this is by submitting a withdrawal request at your current broker, and then find a new broker and opening an account there.
Best regards.