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Günter asked 1 year ago
Hello everybody

does anyone of you have any experience with the company “Beyondoptiontrading”?

I have get the following link to the website given from a friend of mine https://www.beyondoptiontrading.com/

Could that be scam? Who of you has experience with the company?

Thank you for your feedback


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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 1 year ago
This company is not licensed and not regulated.

Günter answered 1 year ago
So that means it is scam?
They have so many telegram Chats with over 2000 and 5000 members?!
So if someone has experience or of course evidence for transaction the deposit, the fee and the withdraw than please tell me and post videos or pictures.

Poe answered 1 year ago
This group are SCAM
and their Internetsite:
Please stay away from this GROUP and of course from Nelson Francis Foster and his partner Mich P Hector ⛔❌‼
Their System:
1⃣ the want only payment VIA Bitcoin to wallet 1QHLX44ipRGx253az2cEgrMsv1XN9UCdXX
2⃣ they offer low investment with high Return within 72 hours without fee
3⃣ but you always have to pay 10% Trading Commission fee
➖ they offer you to invest $ 500 and make $ 3,500 in profits, without fee. After that your “trade” is made for a profit of $ 35,000 so you have to raise and pay $ 3,500 in each case and make your withdrawal. 📌This happens to me.
➖ and even if you point out four times in advance that the trade is to take place without trading commission fee, it will still be well over $ 25,000. 📌This happened to a friend of mine.
4⃣ It is communicated that a payment with deduction of the trading commission fee is not possible.
5⃣ There are promises that he will find someone who will lend the money proportionately. For me it was $ 1,500. It should therefore be $ 2,000 sufficient so that I can pay off the profit. After the $ 2,000 has been paid then he lied that the person who would borrow the $ 1500 is in the hospital and Mr. Nelson Francis Foster can not do anything more. I have to get the 1,500 $ to get the withdraw.
➖ After having about 190 subscribers in one telegram channel and about 2,200 in the other, that’s pretty unbelievable that no one could help.
6️⃣ the testimonies, the trades and the payments also seem to be all fake and were only copied from an other channel @Beyond_Option
It may be that this account is also Fake and Patrick A Bauer is behind it and is the third in the bunch??
Just take a look by yourself.
7️⃣ And if you do not pay, he will eventually set a deadline, then the communication is a little sharper.
8️⃣ and of course if you don’t pay he will delete all your comunikation and you got bannned and you be unable to contact them again.
Don’t send the any bitcoin
Don’t trust this GROUP

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