Edgedale Finance a scam or registered?

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Robinson asked 4 years ago

Hi there!

Just want to know if Edgedale Finance is a scam or a registered broker.

They contacted me to open a Binary Options trading account with them but when I try to check the company under registered brokers, they don’t appear.

Can you please conclude whether its a scam or not?

Thank you

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 4 years ago

Edgedale Finance is not a licensed or regulated broker.
The United Kingdom FCA has warned people against using a broker that solicits your business by cold calling. Read more about managed accounts.
If you are using a trading software with Edgedale, it is against their terms and conditions, see section 18.1.
Read about the popular automated trading robots here. We put together a list of the most popular companies that traders are using see here.  

Malik answered 3 years ago

Hi All,
I had a very bad experience with edgedale finance they are scammers dont give them money to trade.the a/c manager daniel baker called me and opened my a/c with 250 GBP.in one week time my a.c was showing balance of 870 GBP but this was a big TRAP,they offered me to invest in a trade which was insured,he suggested me to invest 100,000 or 50,000 or 25,000 ect i rejected his offer,after that day he did not did placed any trade.after couple of month i tried  to withdraw 870 GBP bit by bit it shows in pending more than a week time.then i called him he knew he will withdraw that money in the a/c.same day he lost 870 GBP in 9 mins in numbers of trades that day.their website is can be seen its a totally scam type.he said he lost all the money even the money was in the process in withdrawal more than a week ago.can you imagine it,they creat screen and show what ever they want to show to their customers.
if you need more evidences just ask i will provide you every single move they have made to prove them a big SCAMMERS.
PLease dont give them money to trade its better to learn trading and do by yourself..
if you need prove then contact me [email protected]

JessCrasty answered 3 years ago

@malik. Insurance trade is begun with a certain insurance barrier. You played without an insurance barrier. That was your mistake. Probably there was dip at the market, such things happened sometimes, brokers could lose sometimes too. What was your broker say? If you want a really good impression, you should always keep in touch with your broker. Anyway, I sended you my email. Show me some screens since I’m a little curious person.

charlotte answered 3 years ago

Hi, I have just been scammed by Daniel Baker, I invested £250 within 3 months I had over £2000, as soon as i requested to withdraw money they cancelled 2 withdrawal request, when i asked to close the account, i lost all the money made within 1 hour. whatever you don’t give them your money big scammers robbing poor workers, they sound Chinese yet have English names.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Hi there Daniel Baker is a thief and a big scam!!
He will trap you by saying it is a managed account and please do not sign the agreement. When you want to withdraw he will blank the screen saying that another member of staff he was training has made a mistake.
Danial Baker is not a human being as he has no heart!
He will get his Comeuppance!! 

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