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JOHN asked 2 years ago

COINBULL’S rep phoned and got me to create an account and put in Eur1000, even though I don’t trade now because of time and other consideration.

He used AnyDesk an application that gives control of your desktop to someone else.

I verified the account and agreed to T&Cs. However T&C stipulate that I must earn 10x my deposit amount before I can withdraw. I have applied for withdraw minus Eur50 [for there office costs] but only a review is offered, no sign of the money.

Looks like Coinbull is scam? What can I do, does chargeback always work?

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Simon Platten answered 2 years ago

Be very very careful…I have been trading with coinbull for a few weeks and in that time some good profit has been made…however, the I then came under pressure to inject more funds into the account…I asked why? If I am making money from the initial investment why do I need to invest more? I then decided to test the site and tried to withdraw the funds from my account. At this point I discovered that I am not in control of the funds and that a representative from coinbull has to approve my withdrawal request. This is when the problems started and I warn anyone, don’t invest with coinbull, you are not in control of the funds. I was offered back my original investment but not the money I have made since trading. It is in my opinion a scam.

Maria Rotherm answered 2 years ago

How can I get my money back from them ???

Gilberto C answered 1 year ago

According my experience you will never see your money again. Coinbull is a big fraud

Khaled elmawardy answered 1 year ago

if You made your deposit by credit card call your credit card company immediately and let them know you’ve been scammed by Coin bull and that you have requested a withdrawal but never get the money back

Mi Wang answered 1 year ago

Coinbull is not a registered broker and those who can go after them for violations virtually don’t exist.

Coinbull knows this, and so they violate the law knowing they cannot be brought to justice.

The best thing you can do is to bring light to your situation, as you’ve done here, and try to prevent the next poor investor from making a huge mistake. You will never get your money back from Coinbull, just as I never will.

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