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massimo ferrini asked 2 years ago

Chris I have not heard from Best Trades/VIp Brokers since July 27th, they have not made any trade since and they do not answer emails or phone calls at any of their London or Zurich offices, do you know anything…?

Thanks, massimo

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 2 years ago

Currently the latest scam is called HawkCode, and they are sending people from Norway and Sweden to use the Brokers called VIP-Brokers.
Only trade with a broker that is licensed and regulated in your home country! 
See some of the best brokers here.

Louis George answered 2 years ago

Hello there.. We are a united front it seems. We\\\’ve been scammed for sure , even though from the early conversations i continuously mentioned over and over , whether they were  scam traders. All along he kept saying how sorry he was that i\\\’ve been scammed before and assured me many times he\\\’s not. yet he is very much so. I\\\’ve been through the same process as Massimo. Zurich / Australia. I have had by luck 2 conversations about 3 weeks ago in an Australian office. massive delays in the conversations on the line. He did see my account on his system. Assured me the Withdrawal is in progress. But again.. Nothing to show for it. 
I rang the number on Friday 13th October. IT did ring but nobody answered.
I would say time is enough.. Time to bring down the system. is already down. is still up and was able to login with my account. My Withdrawal still showing there. I allegedly have over $10800 in the account. Time to bring them down too.
Has anyone other than us 3 had any success? Getting any money back?

emeka njoku answered 2 years ago

I have my 5000$ in VIP  as deposit  I have been asking for withdrawal since 2 weeks  The keep telling me my broker will call me about it .Nothing has been done to that effect.  I am 100% sure VIP broker is a scam.

Bhavarita Subramaniam answered 2 years ago

I have invested and need to withdraw.been trying to call but nobody answer. The broker also didn’t call. What should I do

Daniel answered 2 years ago

Hello, I already try a withdraw without succes since october 2017. No answer anymore, not by phone not by e-mail. Unfortunately we are scammed. Do somebody know how to proceed? If somebody is in the vicinity of London and check the address? I am sure that it will be an empty postal box …. the only I can say now is lessons learned or if somebody have a creative solution …. Always welcome 🙂

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