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Are CryptoKartal Brokers a Scam, or Can I Trust Them?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsAre CryptoKartal Brokers a Scam, or Can I Trust Them?
Ranon asked 1 year ago
Hi There,

Can anyone verify for me if the Crypto CFD brokerage firm CryptoKartal is a good broker that makes me money, or just another Bitcoin scam.

I signed up for the Bitcoin Compass trading app, and they setup an account for me at CryptoKartal. The broker called and told me that they have a long experience managing investors money, and they can make for me good returns on my investments.

I checked the ASIC website and could not find and information about CryptoKartal.

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback.

Thank you,

CryptoKartal Scam or Honest Brokers

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Ron,
CryptoKartal is based on the Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which means that #1 they are not regulated or licensed to operate in Australia.
#2 If you have a problem, a plane ticket to visit them will cost you alot of money. 
Australians should only invest at a broker that holds a valid ASIC Australia brokers license.
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Santi Munez answered 1 year ago
I’ve been working with Crypto Kartal until now and it’s working quite good for me.

allan answered 11 months ago
Cryptokartal are an absolute scam. You will never be allowed to withdraw your money. Don’t fall for their lies

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