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joshua asked 2 years ago

Can anyone tell me if the broker Btraders is a scam?

This Brokers use an account registered under “Bintrading Birmingham GB”.

I have been transfer $5,000 to this broker.

There is a woman used a name Cara Stern as Senior Account Manager. This brokers website: Their contact number is +442037692034.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Joshua,
It says on their website that they are owned by LCR Technology Ltd. R.A Mladost 3, bl. 389, 1712 Sofia City, Bulgaria.
We did not see any license for them. 

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Sanjoy Sanyal answered 2 years ago

I also deposited some money to BTraders. Under the guidance of Cara Stern I entered into Contract Trading BTC / USD.
From mid-November 2017 to 5 February 2018, Cara talked to me on the phone twice a week.
From 5 February 2018 onward, suddenly she seems to have dropped out of the scene.
Mails to her (and to [email protected]) are going unanswered.
Messages in the Contact Form are not being replied to.
Calls to +44 (20) 8089 2398 are going to a voice box with the usual recorded message. Nobody calls back.
I am in a fix now. Can anybody give some guidance please

Kevin answered 2 years ago

Same here. It was around that time she disappeared.  Closed some of the trades that I had opened and then couldnt get in touch with her. Scam? Maybe the company failed after BTC dropped 70%?
let each other know if you hear or get any information.

Claudio Amore answered 2 years ago

It happened the same to me. Everything started on Nov. 6, 2017 when a was called on my phone by a woman’s voice. She asked me if I had traded before and offered me the possibility to trade on an MT4 platform and to be taught to use it if I opened an account with iForex24  brokerage, even  with a minimum amount of 200 USD.  Agreeing with her, I opened an account with iForex24 and funded it with 200 Euros, but I noticed that the charge on my card was in favor of Bintrading Birmingham GBR. Soon after that a Michele Chiesa called me and said he was my account manager with iForex24. We started with 0,01-0,02USD trades at first but he convinced me to put some more money on my account, when it was thriving and I put €500 on Dec. 1 and €2500 on Dec 4. Most trades went well but when the money on my account had gone up to €5562,00 on Dec. 11, I told him that I wanted to draw the €3200 I had put on it. Then he told me that he had a special plan and convinced me to make trades from 2 to 5 contracts at a time.  All my money transfers were in favor of Bintrading Birmingham GBR. But everything he suggested that I bought or sold  went the opposite direction and my account turned to zero.  I haven’t heard from him any more.

Andor answered 2 years ago

Same here.
I transferred some BCN back in November, and Cara were convincing regarding her “Managed Account” until 2 weeks ago.
Then suddenly there are no more reply from anyone at Btraders.
I will start investigation of this, and for sure Cara shall not have any good night sleeps if she stole my money.

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