Anyone dealing with SuisseOptions And Jack Ryan?

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Sylvie asked 2 years ago


Is anyone dealing with SuisseOptions And Jack Ryan? I would just like to know if there is anyone else dealing with this company.

I am having a hard time connecting with anyone at the company. Nobody answers the phone and now I cannot access my online account. I did not change my password. (someone did). I have invested money in this company. I have not received any return on my investments yet.

Please contact me ASAP if you are dealing with company now.

I am from Ontario Canada.

Greatly appreciated!


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Lynne answered 2 years ago

Yes. I have had dealings with Jack Ryan. I didn’t invest much but of course
they are asking for more money. Jack has called me several times so far.
I do have trouble accessing my account with the password they gave me,
but I can usually get in. I am rather nervous because I can find out nothing
about him and his trading past. He appears to be charming but I am very

Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 2 years ago

Did anyone every think of using a licensed and regulated broker?

Licensed Broker Reviews

Kendra answered 2 years ago

Yes, I did deal with Jack a few months ago and he did deliver on what he promised, he seems a bit peculiar until you get to know him but I know for sure that he is a man of his words. Just needs time to do things in his own way.

sara jones answered 2 years ago

Does anyone know Jack Ryan. He is asking for a $10,000 investment to a CFD contract that is supposed to make up to 250% if the market crashes which he said mid December. I have originally put in $2k and in a month seen that increase to 9k but I have not got my initial investment before. Is this a scam. I hope to hear from you guys. 

Steve Thompson answered 2 years ago

I have been dealing with Jack Ryan for a little over 1 year, ill be honest he has changed my life. I have invested in approx 6 CFD Contracts and have made money on all as well as my day trading account, im in a position now where i have made back the 100k i lost with some dodgy platform, this guy will not let you down, for what its worth you will make more than 250% when the market crashes

sara jones answered 2 years ago

Hi Steve do you have an email address so can ask you some specific questions regarding him. ? otherwise my address is [email protected] i hope to hear from you 

Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 2 years ago

It would be great if someone would explain why they are “investing” with an unlicensed operation?

Travis Parsons answered 2 years ago

I can tell you they are a COMPLETE SCAM. They just took me for 30K yesterday. Do not trust Jack Ryan, Richard Brenner, David Murano or any other person at this scam ‘company’. I did a CFD contract. Wire transfer to Jakarta. Nothing back. Emptied my account with ‘two trades’ if there really was an account. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THEM! Geneva Options are associated with them too. They increase every little bit to around $9, then offer the contract. You add 10k. Then, they ask for 10K to buy it out. Then, they clean you out once you are over $20K at least. If anyone wants to join forces on taking them down Their address is a address clearing house for these companies Notice the same phone number for every Suisse Option person. I didn’t listen to my gut instinct thinking they wouldn’t take money from a guy with two little kids or other vulnerable people. Scum of the earth! BLACKLIST Suisse Option [email protected]  They think I am going to be embarrassed and sit back and be a victim. No way MF’s.

Travis Parsons answered 1 year ago

Update. They are still a scam. I am now with a large group of scammed victims from all over the world.
Immediately stop sending them any Money!! Do not believe a word of their lies. Report them to the FBI IC3 Internet crime reporting page. Report them to your local securities commission and police. They are using fake names, fake address, and fake phone number to look like they are calling from London, UK. Absolutely  do not ‘buy’ any CFDS from them. They are not regulated, registered, or liceneed to operate anywhere in the world.
Follow us at @suisseoption on Twitter where we are using it as a victim portal for more information  to fight back, expose, identify, and prosecute these criminals. Do not trust Jack Ryan, Richard Brenner, Jim Nolan, Emma Kent, David Murano, Harvey Michael’s,  or any other person from this criminal enterprise. They are considered artists who steal your Money!  Do not believe a word they say period.
Read the reviews and warnings! Send me an email  if you have been Scammed!  Cheers, Travis