Anybody else traded with Roiteks?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsAnybody else traded with Roiteks?
Omar Yousaf asked 2 years ago

Hi used roiteks and can confirm they are a scam, took £5500 of my money and won’t return it now after promises of s 5 day trial, and I could take my money anytime.

Absolute scam. I spoke with various named ppl from their company, Amir Backhouse (financial director & educator) sold me lies, threatened me indirectly. I have conversations recorded as I didn’t trust from the get go i should’ve gone with my instinct. Max Gibson (sales rep) first guy I spoke to and promised it was a 5 day trial have proof of this. Leena B (department manager) tried to make herself sound like she wanted to help me but once they have your money you won’t get it back.

‘ve started the ball rolling contacting the FCA, my lawyer and my credit card company to do a chargeback . If i don’t get my money back I hope noone else gets scammed.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Omar, 
This is a constant problem with companies that are not licensed or regulated. When investing online, it is important to only use a broker that is licensed by your financial regulator, see here.

Dekoka answered 1 year ago

Even their names are a scam. How can an English man Scott, speak English, with eastern European Accent.

Ryyan answered 1 year ago

Seriously,were are all this companies coming from why have they not been closed down,something needs to be done fast.

Stuart Wiseman answered 1 year ago

A Big bit of advice, if you have invested money with Roiteks and they will not return your money after the 5 day trial contact your credit card company.

Roiteks will tell you it will take 2 years to get your money this is not true, but you only have 120 days to inform your credit card company. this is where they get you, you are too frightened of losing your money you end up losing anyway.

I was one of the lucky ones i have my money back thanks to my credit card company.

Robin Larder answered 1 year ago

I also got a full refund of $250 from my credit card company.

Eythor Einarsson answered 1 year ago

How did you convince your credit card company to repay you?

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