Anybody else traded with Roiteks?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsAnybody else traded with Roiteks?
Omar Yousaf asked 2 years ago

Hi used roiteks and can confirm they are a scam, took £5500 of my money and won’t return it now after promises of s 5 day trial, and I could take my money anytime.

Absolute scam. I spoke with various named ppl from their company, Amir Backhouse (financial director & educator) sold me lies, threatened me indirectly. I have conversations recorded as I didn’t trust from the get go i should’ve gone with my instinct. Max Gibson (sales rep) first guy I spoke to and promised it was a 5 day trial have proof of this. Leena B (department manager) tried to make herself sound like she wanted to help me but once they have your money you won’t get it back.

‘ve started the ball rolling contacting the FCA, my lawyer and my credit card company to do a chargeback . If i don’t get my money back I hope noone else gets scammed.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Omar, 
This is a constant problem with companies that are not licensed or regulated. When investing online, it is important to only use a broker that is licensed by your financial regulator, see here.

Sam answered 1 year ago

Can we somehow contact a fraud team and ask for their help?
If so how do we do it?

Wendy Palmer answered 1 year ago

Hi Omar, 
I think the algorithm of this entire program is designed so we can lose money in any way…I mean, I lost £7500 in a week, how come I never had a second thought? That was what I kept asking myself, I’ve been wondering how to go about getting my money back after many failed attempts, I got Marcus’ advise and he made it happen!

anna answered 1 year ago

I tried to trade with Roiteks based on their lies and endless promises. After a few days, when they lost hslf of my small (£250) deposit, I took in my hand trading and recover the part of the  lost deposit. Then I deleted my account and asked for the deposit back/refund. Their respond was: an insufficient amount amount of money – no refund!
TREADERS DO BE AWARE OF THIS….organisation? scam!

anna answered 1 year ago


Missi answered 1 year ago

I have lost 2500 dollers

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