Anybody else traded with Roiteks?

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Omar Yousaf asked 1 year ago

Hi used roiteks and can confirm they are a scam, took £5500 of my money and won’t return it now after promises of s 5 day trial, and I could take my money anytime.

Absolute scam. I spoke with various named ppl from their company, Amir Backhouse (financial director & educator) sold me lies, threatened me indirectly. I have conversations recorded as I didn’t trust from the get go i should’ve gone with my instinct. Max Gibson (sales rep) first guy I spoke to and promised it was a 5 day trial have proof of this. Leena B (department manager) tried to make herself sound like she wanted to help me but once they have your money you won’t get it back.

‘ve started the ball rolling contacting the FCA, my lawyer and my credit card company to do a chargeback . If i don’t get my money back I hope noone else gets scammed.

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Scam Trading Brokers Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Omar, 
This is a constant problem with companies that are not licensed or regulated. When investing online, it is important to only use a broker that is licensed by your financial regulator, see here.

Janathan answered 1 year ago

True.. They are scam… I did USD 5000 and not returning the amount. They are a bsolute scam… Never ever go with them. What are the methods to recover our fund ?

Daaz answered 1 year ago

That is absolutely true, they are scammers they keep contacting you until they get your money and when you need to get your money you won’t hear from them again. And they keep rejecting your withdraws. Do not be fooled by them.

kate Elliott answered 1 year ago

Definitely stay away from them. They have taken £5000 on me and lost over £13000 on trades.  Can’t now recover my savings I gave to them to invest.  The risk is too high.

Lai ZX answered 1 year ago

End 2017, I did a test investment of $200usd.
Frequent call harassment to invest more, baits with a “dare to invest” , calling caution cowardice. After my documents were verified by them they went silent, refusing to return the deposit one way or the other.
Even their website option to withdraw leads to depositing more cash. Thieves that brazenly try to con even more despite staggering evidence.

Sam answered 1 year ago

Can we somehow contact a fraud team and ask for their help?
If so how do we do it?

Wendy Palmer answered 1 year ago

Hi Omar, 
I think the algorithm of this entire program is designed so we can lose money in any way…I mean, I lost £7500 in a week, how come I never had a second thought? That was what I kept asking myself, I’ve been wondering how to go about getting my money back after many failed attempts, I got Marcus’ advise and he made it happen!

anna answered 12 months ago

I tried to trade with Roiteks based on their lies and endless promises. After a few days, when they lost hslf of my small (£250) deposit, I took in my hand trading and recover the part of the  lost deposit. Then I deleted my account and asked for the deposit back/refund. Their respond was: an insufficient amount amount of money – no refund!
TREADERS DO BE AWARE OF THIS….organisation? scam!

anna answered 12 months ago


Missi answered 12 months ago

I have lost 2500 dollers

Dekoka answered 10 months ago

Even their names are a scam. How can an English man Scott, speak English, with eastern European Accent.

Ryyan answered 10 months ago

Seriously,were are all this companies coming from why have they not been closed down,something needs to be done fast.

Stuart Wiseman answered 10 months ago

A Big bit of advice, if you have invested money with Roiteks and they will not return your money after the 5 day trial contact your credit card company.

Roiteks will tell you it will take 2 years to get your money this is not true, but you only have 120 days to inform your credit card company. this is where they get you, you are too frightened of losing your money you end up losing anyway.

I was one of the lucky ones i have my money back thanks to my credit card company.

Robin Larder answered 9 months ago

I also got a full refund of $250 from my credit card company.

Eythor Einarsson answered 9 months ago

How did you convince your credit card company to repay you?

Natasha Romanov MY ASS answered 9 months ago

Sorry, lost about 7000 SGD to these fuckers. Absolute scam. One of their corespondents actually called herself Natasha Romanov  aka, Black Widow from The Avengers. My god. retarded or what? They are situated in Bulgaria. Already a no go. Stay Safe friends.

Roddy answered 9 months ago


what a bunch of crooks. Fortunately I only put £400 with them. I got their details from watching the TV show where these dudes sit and if your idea is good enough they will help you start a business.
Thought that was reliable.
Really angry as it was my money.

Zaddy answered 5 months ago

Hi guys, same happend to my father too.

We are trying to get our funds back with

They seem legit, but go see for yourself.

Good luck guys

Gary taylor answered 4 months ago

Total scam i have lost 210k , and now my house and family , suicide my only option left . Dont let this happen to you. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Rks answered 1 month ago

What could be a best course of action if Roiteks is denying refund or not answering your emails? Whom to contact to get your funds out from them?

Ibrahim answered 1 day ago

On October 8, 2018 I contacted Roiteks through their web site to invest in a new cryptocurrency that belongs to Uber as per what I read earlier from the net.  The website offers a free account but the account can not be activated until I make a deposit of at least $250 which I did. In the next day on October 9, 2018 Roiteks representative (named Amir Backhouse) called me trying to convince me to invest more because Uber cryptocurrency will boom and make lots of profits and promised that the money will return in three days so I invested money from two different banks $20250 from Bank ‘A’ and $5000 from Bank ‘B’, after further digging into the internet I found out that Uber Cryptocurrency is still in the Idea phase and it does not exist in the real-world yet and the website belongs to a company (Green Oak LTD in Bulgaria subsidiary of Vantu Capital LTD which seems to be in Marshall Islands) says it is originally in Bulgaria and has branches in London & Seychelles but the money on my e-statement was transferred in AZE currency (Azerbaijan) and it was very difficult to contact them after they took the money.

With all the visible signs of a scam, on October 13, 2018 I contacted Bank ‘A’ and initiated a cashback operation via Master Card. On October 18, Roiteks representative contacted me but the trust was already lost and I submitted a withdrawal request through the website of only $250 to test their credibility but the request was cancelled, their excuse was that my documents were not complete even though I signed it before but they need correction & more signatures and they will return the money, also they said that I did not provide a utility bill as a proof of  address while we agreed from the beginning that I’m living in the family house and there is no utility bill in my name so I can’t give a proof of address, I just asked to return the money to the same card.

On November 2, 2018 hired a company on the net called MyCashback to help me recover the funds and on November 15, 2018 Roiteks gave a refund of $5000 that belongs to bank ‘B’ and refused to give back $20250 that belongs to Bank ‘A’ giving a threat that if I don’t withdraw the cashback request by the bank I will not see the money for years to come and with this they closed my account with them and until this day May 17, 2019 I’m still struggling to get back the money. (MasterCard people said they can’t do anything so the cashback stopped)

Notes worth mentioning:

  • All the calls comes through UK number +442034554866 which is the main number on the webpage.
  • At start Roiteks adds the same amount of deposit $25000 to my account with them (called Bonus) and sends papers to sign including what is called Trading Benefit Agreement which has a condition of a turnover of X25 of the trading benefit and deposit, I did not even know what is that until recently and they do not emphasize the condition like they emphasize the lies in the beginning like the three days and the Uber cryptocurrency.
  • My account with them is closed so is the money considered a gift?!!!

I did not trade at all with Roiteks, the broker Amir Backhouse asked me in the beginning to provide my password so he can access the account and trade but I hesitated then he said he can access without my password which he did. (They told MasterCard that I traded, I did not even know how to trade, I thought they were supposed to teach me!).

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