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Scam Trading Brokers Staff asked 1 year ago


In my efforts to find a good broker for trading Crypto I came across a broker called They were rated #2 in the list after 24Option.

Has anyone from South Africa invested with the brokers from ExTick and had a successful investing experience?

I lost money to a few brokers from Marshall Islands before, and Forex brokers that don’t let me withdraw my money.

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Simon answered 5 months ago

Has anyone actually uploaded the required documents to try and get their money back?
I’m very skeptical to give them any more personal details.

thomas pattison answered 4 months ago

I have the same problem after giving them my initial investment . they said that amount was to little to deal with and wanted more . I foolishly gave more after about a week 90% of my investment had been lost , according to them , I keep asking for the remainder of my money back , but all I get is I need to invest more so they can trade to recuperate , my lost money , bunch of liars.

keep well clear its a scam

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