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Scam Trading Brokers Staff asked 1 year ago


In my efforts to find a good broker for trading Crypto I came across a broker called They were rated #2 in the list after 24Option.

Has anyone from South Africa invested with the brokers from ExTick and had a successful investing experience?

I lost money to a few brokers from Marshall Islands before, and Forex brokers that don’t let me withdraw my money.

Thank you,


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CC Jamieson answered 11 months ago

Hi All,
I signed up with this company a few weeks ago. Like most of you I was immediately suspicious when certain  things havn’t quite looked right.
So far, I have had communication almost every day with advice which had won through. I did consider trying to withdraw some funds to see if I could.
When queried the adviser emailed a link copy of the  UK government registration.

I don’t know how to determine if I should still be suspicious without damaging my progressive investment unduly. So far I’m okay. with my advice and investment.


Tim Etherington answered 10 months ago

I invested £250 in this ex tick “crowd” they fill you full of bullshit  I knew almost straight away it was a scam.

Eventually they try to coherse you into investing more money £5000 to start off with total liars but very good at it I strung “Adam ” along as I could but eventually he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere with me and called me a Prick ha ha it’s very disappointing as I was looking forward to dabbling in Crypto market.

So Beware of this scum bag and co

Taimoos answered 9 months ago

Forget about Extick – They are fraud! they don’t let you withdraw your money

Yonny answered 9 months ago

Hi Traders,
Avoid this broker at all cost!its a big SCAM!

Grahame answered 8 months ago

I opened an account with Extick which allegedly put on 8% in two weeks. When I attempted to withdraw funds they refused, with a standard email citing multiple compliance issues. It’s nonsense and a scam.

Don’t touch Extick with a barge-pole.

My advice would be to make sure you change any card that you may have used to make the initial deposit.

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