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Scam Trading Brokers Staff asked 10 months ago


In my efforts to find a good broker for trading Crypto I came across a broker called They were rated #2 in the list after 24Option.

Has anyone from South Africa invested with the brokers from ExTick and had a successful investing experience?

I lost money to a few brokers from Marshall Islands before, and Forex brokers that don’t let me withdraw my money.

Thank you,


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Peter Ryan answered 10 months ago

I signed up for Bitcoin Trader from the Dragons Den article and they sent me to this broker ExTick.
Looks like they are just another Bulgarian Crypto broker scam. Not licensed or regulated by FCA.

BogdanK answered 9 months ago

Forget about it. Found a lot of bad reviews about this broker and it\’s scam 100%.
When you see that broker doesn\’t have license or  not regulated by FCA – try to keep away from such broker.

Phil Bailey answered 9 months ago

I was redirected from the Dragons Dens \’Bitcoin Revolution\’ site to this one. It was only AFTER signing up that Extick\’s platform is revealed so I knew there was a problem simply because it resembled one from a Binary Options scam site nearly 3 years ago.

I immediately contacted my Credit Card Security but they could not stop the payment despite it being \’Pending\’ but would look into it. I was messaged by Extick that a trading Team member would call me that afternoon but they did not, which in itself is strange as Scam Brokers are usually very \’quick off the mark\’ when there is potential profit.

So I left 2 messages with their Support Team asking why I was still awaiting their instruction. I have not even received an acknowledgement which is ringing alarm bells before the account is even fully compliant.

Make your own assumptions from this but MSN is actually allowing this to go on and worse of all are profiting from this \’Scam-Link\’ that you are unaware of until you\’ve sent the minimum signing up fee. It almost defies belief. If I am really fortunate I MIGHT get reimbursed by my Credit Card Company…and only because they were informed within minutes

Doug answered 9 months ago

According to another site it is unregulated too and with the Airsoft trading platform which is running on a slew of unregulated sites. Follow the advice above or you will lose your money.

Ivor Allen answered 9 months ago

Well I signed up an invest £200 sterling a few days ago an to be honest Its my first time doing anything like this. I didn’t have a good feeling about their website an tried to with draw my money an no success so far. For I could make head nor tail of how their site works. To be honest I think the money is lost. Has anyone any success with Extick?  Maybe it’s just me that’s hasn’t the knowledge of how Etick works.

CC Jamieson answered 7 months ago

Hi All,
I signed up with this company a few weeks ago. Like most of you I was immediately suspicious when certain  things havn’t quite looked right.
So far, I have had communication almost every day with advice which had won through. I did consider trying to withdraw some funds to see if I could.
When queried the adviser emailed a link copy of the  UK government registration.

I don’t know how to determine if I should still be suspicious without damaging my progressive investment unduly. So far I’m okay. with my advice and investment.


Tim Etherington answered 6 months ago

I invested £250 in this ex tick “crowd” they fill you full of bullshit  I knew almost straight away it was a scam.

Eventually they try to coherse you into investing more money £5000 to start off with total liars but very good at it I strung “Adam ” along as I could but eventually he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere with me and called me a Prick ha ha it’s very disappointing as I was looking forward to dabbling in Crypto market.

So Beware of this scum bag and co

Taimoos answered 5 months ago

Forget about Extick – They are fraud! they don’t let you withdraw your money

Yonny answered 5 months ago

Hi Traders,
Avoid this broker at all cost!its a big SCAM!

Grahame answered 4 months ago

I opened an account with Extick which allegedly put on 8% in two weeks. When I attempted to withdraw funds they refused, with a standard email citing multiple compliance issues. It’s nonsense and a scam.

Don’t touch Extick with a barge-pole.

My advice would be to make sure you change any card that you may have used to make the initial deposit.

Peter answered 4 months ago

ExTick is scam. They don’t let my withdraw. They trade without my approving, they have blocked me so I can’t close the trades they have done. They have made trade with a high cost and the trade is on a high loose.

Dave answered 3 months ago

I’ve recently taken out an account with these people and they are one big scam, so please avoid at all costs. They tell you that you can start to invest with just £200, but then the stock broker just refuses to do anything with that money and wants you to put more money in.

I told him I didn’t have any more to invest, and he actually had the balls to send me emails with links to personal loans, suggesting I take out a loan to fund the addition investment.

I reported these to the FCA, and they are not a registered company with them. They will try and give you the bullshit of they don’t need to be as they are regulated by Sysec, but if they are dealing with customers within the UK, they must also be FCA regulated. Take heed people, and stay well away from this company.

CAROLINE answered 2 months ago

I have been scammed by these scum bags phoning me and when I ask about my money they say you have lost 80% of my money.

I only put 250 all they do is fob you off asking for details to make sure it’s you who wants to draw the money out.

I have slated these people with emails I think I’ll give up now it’s a joke I have tried to report them 😑

Saffy answered 1 month ago

I opened account, the account manager kept putting off ringing me.  after reading your reviews abouve, which i wish i had done earlier, i put in a withdrawal request he suddenly phone.

Spent 20 min talking about Bicoin history and types of trades.  then said he will open some trades and ring me in a few days.  When i said i wanted to withdraw he cut me off really quick.  waiting for call from withdrawal department to confirm my withdrawal.  dont know if i will get my money back.  communication and service terrible.

Saffy answered 1 month ago

Also he wanted to remote access my computer which was not happy about and did not let him do.  Waste of time.

Simon answered 3 weeks ago

Has anyone actually uploaded the required documents to try and get their money back?
I’m very skeptical to give them any more personal details.

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