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CFReserve Brokers Review

Our review of CFReserve shows that this new unregulated broker is using the Proftit CFD trading platform. They have CFD trading on a wide range of underlying assets in the categories of: Forex, Crypto Currencies, Stocks, Commodity and Market Indexes. The based margin / trading leverage offered on Forex pairs like AUD/USD is 10:1, and the spread is 5 pips.

CFReserve only offers their clients, a web based desktop trading platform. You will not find mobile trading apps, or the ability to use the industry standard MetaTrader 5 platform. The minimum deposit amount that Insured Outcome requires to start trading is $250.

Do not accept any bonus money or you will be sorry. According to this brokers terms and conditions page, if you take bonus money, you will need heavy volume to withdraw your money.

“To withdraw your bonus, you will be asked to perform a trading volume of at least 300 times for each $1 bonus.”

Is The CFReserve App a Scam?

Like most new investors, you are probably planning on making your money with a auto trading app. Before you invest with any trading software make sure you first read this!

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CFreserve Brokers Trading
CFreserve Brokers Trading

Is CFReserve a Licensed Broker?

They way you know if a CFD trading brokerage firm is legitimate, is by checking your financial regulator, to see if they have a license. There are many investing scams circulating online, and it is incumbent upon every investor to verify the brokers license certificate.

No, CFReserve is not a licensed or regulated broker.

CFReserve is owned and operated by: Richfield Limited, and located at: Five Lamps Place, Amiens St, Mountjoy, Dublin, D01 A7V2, Ireland. Their listed phone number is: Ireland +353766803350. Customer Support Email is: [email protected], Official Website:

Australians have been warned by ASIC, to only invest with an ASIC regulated broker. Investors using an offshore broker, do not have any protections or recourse in the likely event that the broker enters in solvency.

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