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Jamie asked 5 months ago


I signed up with the software called “Bitcoin Pro App” and they told me to use a company called VIP-Crypto.

It doesn’t show any license from the FCA here in the United Kingdom, so I wanted to know if other people are investing with VIP Crypto.
Can I make money with them?


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Vivian lau answered 4 months ago

I have been trading with for 2months now, I like them because I get to learn about this stuff and my broker has been nice and has patience with my beginner questions
I started with 250$ he asked me to add 500$ more for the ripple(xrp) contract
i did and make 150$ that day
all together I only made 550$ In 2 months
But I did get all my full 750$ sent back to me in 24hrs after I asking for it
so the money I made was not very amazing
but they at least teaching me good and pay me when I want So good luck me I guess

Scam Trading Brokers answered 5 months ago

Hi Jamie,

According to their terms and condition page, it seems they are not a regulated broker.

Governing Law and Exclusive Courts
VIP-Crypto .COM is owned and operated by Wilkinson Development LTD. Trust Company Complex, Ajelake Rd., Marshell Islands, MH96960. This Agreement will be governed by in accordance with the laws of United Kingdom without regard to its choice of law principles.

We see that that are owned by the same company as VIP-Trades.
Before using an automated trading software, have a look at the popular one called FX MasterBot.
See the most popular Crypto CFD brokers that are licensed and regulated, look here.

Laura Belaggio answered 5 months ago

All these Crypto Trading Softwares are a bunch of scams.
I got emails today alone from 5 different companies, Ethereum Code, Crypto Code, Bitcoin Trader and some others that I don’t remember.
If you can’t make money trading yourself at 24Option, then you should just go get a regular job.

Janice answered 4 months ago

I just signed up for a software called 1K in 1Day and they also told me to use this offshore broker VIP-Crypto.

Cammy answered 4 months ago

I have been using VIP crypto for one week now. No problems yet and my broker is teaching me how to trade.

Ian answered 4 months ago

This is 100% a scam, the trading area is just a computer game and not linked to any stock market and they will never allow you to withdraw your cash. Do your research before you waste any more money. Search for scam, both companies owned by Wilkinson development Ltd, This company is not registered with Companies House not FCA cysec

L.F answered 3 months ago

vip crypto or vip brokers…. the same sh*t …. scamm scamm scamm
I’ve just lost my 250£ deposit witch is pending in my withdrwal page for more then 10 days now and im sure it won’t change to an approval ,never.
No one is answering my emails and theyr phone line is dead … can’t reach them…
I was scammed like you guys and many others….
Im tryng now somehow to get my money back ….
So guys,pls take my advice : this situation thanks to automatic signals software such as: crypto-advantage and bit bubble tech, they assign you to un-regulated scam brokers,who later rob you big time…
Stay away from this automatic robots and automatic signals software
They are big scams along with this unregulated brokers.
If u wanna make money by tradeing use fully regulated broker such as or 24 option.

Sf answered 3 months ago

VIP-Crypto is a scam!!! Stay away from them! They stole your money and disappeared!

HA answered 3 months ago

VIP- Crypto is a scam! I have been trying to get my $250 investment back for a week and no response! The broker name is Dan River ( probably a fake name). Stay away from them!

shabeer answered 3 months ago

Good All
Everyone using VIP-Crypto and who are so much happy with them – please advise if you ever had a successful withdrawal and for how much

Mnavis answered 3 months ago

I put my withdrawal in 3 weeks ago and have had no response! have emailed to no avail. I’ve also tried to log into my account and get and error message saying > service unavailable, please contact support.
I know deep down I have been scammed and I will not be getting my £180 back. Robbers! Is there anywhere we can report this?

L.F answered 3 months ago

Yes we all need to report it  to Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA
Im afraid we won’t be able to get our money back but at least we can’t prevent others about this scams
So guys one more time :
Stay away from vip crypto /  vip brokers or any uregulated brokers
My advice: use onky fully regulated brokers such as 24option

Judith Kraak answered 2 months ago

same thinig here, I got my withdrawal frm 10brokers, but what I deposited with vip-crypto is not showing with 10 brokers en they never honored a withdrawal for 3 months now. These days they are calling me to deposit to pay the taxes and then they will refund my balance. I am out of my wits. The credit card company told me they located in Kazachstan… and I really do not believe them any more, however much I belive in the potential of crypto currency’s these people seem to be just thieves enriching themselves on our lack of knowledge

Shabeer answered 2 months ago

Good Day All
Has anyone been contacted by VIp-Crypto lately requesting that all monies (i.e initial investments + profits) will be paid out as soon as you pay the taxes on the profits. I received a call 2 weeks ago from A Sean Marcus @ VIP-crypto claiming to be the finance guy trying to clean up all the accounts and settle their clients. When i question him about tax payments in the UK whereby the threshold is GBP11,500 before taxes kick in for 2017/18 tax season, he says it has been revised now to GBP7,500.00
Appreciate any feedbacks. Subsequently i have handed my case over to mychargeback company who has suggested me not to make any more payments to VIP.
A pleasant day to all

john answered 2 months ago

I have a trading balance of over 9.000 euros with vip-crypto. They keep asking me to put in more capital, recently for £5.000. I am starting to think there is something suspicious about the whole set up. Have put in several withdrawal requests , and to date have received nothing,Has anyone else experienced these problems. If so I would like to hear from you.

Emer answered 2 months ago

Okay here goes!
Lodged €300 with VIP CRYPTO and got a call very quickly re trading.  While linked to me the guy on the line was unaware he hadnt cut off the call and mentioned to a colleague that he would do a ‘Santa Claus’ on this one….meaning me!
Within 2 weeds my account was up to €45,000….unbelievable.  Santa had arrived.
Now unfortunately to withdraw my gains I was informed I needed to lodge 17% in advance and the money would be deposited
into my account within 3/4 days.
Cruel SANTA!
Well I didnt but was surprised how attractive it was to deposit knowing it smelled really fishy….
So if anyone out there is hearing the same thing or can tell their Fairytale I love a good read
Has any of you our there experience the same or ever managed to have money returned??? please let me know.

Baron Angelton answered 2 months ago

If you are being to pay taxes before they release your money thay are trying to scam you again.Several years ago I lost 30K by paying outward bound taxes to customs in Nigeria. I was not as smart as I am now. Kiss your cash goodbye.  Fortunately I could afford to loose it as I would have been allowed to offset it against my tax  bill. NEVER PAY ANY COMPANY THAT SAYS YOU NEED TO PAY TAX TO RETRIEVE YOUR FUNDS. I assume you are not a citizen of Kasachistan, you are offshore entity and profits made or lost there are not under thier jurisdiction to pay taxes.

Salathiso Sidali answered 2 months ago

Same thing here. I have been trying to get my withdrawal for over two months now and have been told all sorts of stories. The last one was when i was phoned by a person who called himself David Green and demanded that i pay my tax liability before they can release my funds. i refused. when he sent an email to me he was all of a sudden David Hollander. People like these that are taking our hard earned monies like this need to burn in hell for eternity unless they repent and pay back our monies. So stay away from VIP Crypto. You will never get your money.

kenneth koteki answered 2 months ago

I am also a victim of these VIP-Crypto guys. I have just realized that the guys who advertise these autotrading software on youtube showing withdraws are also in on it. It is better to either pay for forex or binary MT4 indicators and trade for your-self

NL answered 2 months ago

VIP Crypto runs by criminals! They should be behind bars! Scam after scam after scam!

NL answered 2 months ago

I have been trying to get my money back for 2 months with no success. Out of the blue, their finnacial guy called and told me that he is here to help. I got really annoyed because I did not believe every words that came out from him. Later, he got angry to me and raised his voice (wtf!).  At the end he said he will send the money back within days and I will get an email from him. Yeah right, that was 2 weeks ago. They are bunch of scammers that should be behind bars!

andile answered 3 weeks ago

hi everyone am sitting with the same problem here ,am asking how can we increase momentum on these scammers to expose them for good.
please anyone who is good at exposing vip crypto help me here ..I have all the time and resource.I wanted to create a huge awareness.

Cams. answered 3 weeks ago

I opened an account with VIP Crypto.  Deposited 2k.  on the platform it shows I have now traded up to 24K.  HOWEVER when i tried to download some funds I was not able to.  WAIT FOR IT…..they tried to bully me into giving them another 7K on a credit card to release 15K ?????  they said tax needed to be paid before they could close the account.  They became bullies and phoned me for the 7K every few hours, and sent very unprofessional emails trying to get more money from me.  I have not received back my initial funds to date and am out of pocket.

Cams. answered 2 weeks ago

also, following on from my last post, I contacted my bank and they said that my funds paid to VIP crypto would not be covered for fraud if paid on my credit card.  they advised me not to pay the tax monies being requested by VIP.

LECLERCQ answered 3 days ago


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