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mark petersen asked 2 weeks ago

Can you please advise if anyone has a poor experience of this broker and how it was ?

Thank you

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6 Answers
Scam Option Brokers Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Mark, 

There are a few Valiant Partner websites we found online. Please let us know which one you are referring too. 
Does the broker have a license from a recognized government regulator?
If they are offering managed accounts, read about the scam here.

Scam Option Brokers Staff answered 2 weeks ago

The website makes no mention of an FCA license number.
Therefore we must assume that they are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, like a Forex brokers should be. 
Read about the FCA regulated firm ETX here:

Ben Petersen answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Mark
As far as I can tell Valiant partners are totally unregulated and my experience with them has been a nightmare as traders they are incompetent at best, their service is the poorest I’ve come across  and communication is almost impossible

John Peterson answered 6 days ago

yes they are indeed a scam. every broker, sales manager, etc, are all con artists. Tony Samuels knows nothing about trading the markets let along automated systems – just talk to him, he’s completely incompetent. How can you hedge the same currency pair unless its martingale grid trading, which has nothing to do with actually trading. In fact, any idiot can place a sell position on the EURUSD and wait for it to come back down. A UK based company supposedly regulated by ASIC, huh, immediate red flag there! 

John Peterson answered 6 days ago

If anyone out there is dumb enough to actually consider this as an investment, i suggest you meet them and see for yourselves, the sales/fund manager, louie sutherland, looks like a thug/gangster and know nothing about managing money in the markets.    

Scam Option Brokers Staff answered 6 days ago

Interesting that Mark, Ben and John all have the same last name.