Is ubo capital an official broker company?

Binary Options ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs ubo capital an official broker company?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Just want to check is ubocapital an official binary options company?

Can I have their details or company background?

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Tracey answered 2 years ago

Why are you trading with an unlicensed and unregulated broker?
They offer the same SpotOption trading platform as OptionRally and Bull Binary, who are licensed brokers in Europe. 
If you got suckered into them because of some fake trading system, you should read the other questions in the Forum. 99% of them are scams, just look at this!

Robert answered 2 years ago

Please be careful, you will lose all your money with these people. i lost 10200 pounds to them, they pretend so they get your money. Once they have it you have lost it.

Carol answered 2 years ago


U.K answered 2 years ago

All websites rewarding UBO Capital are misinformed. I have been leaving negative reviews about UBO but they have failed to publicy post them. UBO do have a UK number but they are not in the UK. They are unlicensed, meaning when you realise they’ve taken your money, you cant do anything about it. How about you try calling them from the number on their website…. ask questions if you do get through… (record your conversations, ive had them straight up lie about the bonus and withdrawl process) This is the only site allowing public reviews..  please do not give them or any other of these broker scammers a penny. 

aisha answered 1 year ago

im trading with UBO capital few months ago and I am afraid of all the above comments what I suppose to do now? do I need to ask for withdrawal? please advise I am in a serious situation now I don’t want to lose my money
if I asked for withdrawal are they welling to get me my money back? and if they did which is the best, trusted and fast way to earn profit with no problems at all?
please advise

abc answered 1 year ago

UBO broker are just trapping people to get money into their account. They are not licensed. Somehow they convinced me and I deposit money. They everyday they come  up and say you have to put more money into your account to earn solid profits. Finally I decided to quit and I asked for refund but they said they cannot refund you anything until you earn 25 times of your deposit so as a result I lost everything. This is the way of working of UBO capital to trap people and earn money so it’s another online scam. So guys be careful and don”t get trapped.

QT answered 1 year ago

yes it is a scam 
I lost my money as soon as I requested to withdraw some of it 
claiming that i signed an illegal paper they proposed 
and the person who contacted me is no longer there probapely fake names as well 
I am going to rise it and see what will happen 
they tricked me using same entity 

Eric answered 1 year ago

E.R Australia… UBO are scammers and probably identity thieves, they made a big deal of getting my identity, their ploy is – we must be sure we are not dealing with money laundering. Apart from losing thousands I now have the bother to retrieve my identity. These people are white collar criminals – they bring the whole industry into disrepute, I would never invest again, not ever

Trevor answered 1 year ago

Yes this is true. The supposed names of alleged Broker Samantha Novak and Account Manager Jack Fisher are just straight out liars and scammers. Samantha could not Broker if her life depended on it. I out did her in the few months I traded with them so she locked my money away in a long term Trade till the end of the month. To embarrassed at how I out did her I guess. I spoke to her manager David … who advised that I could have my money release so that I could self trade but that was 3 months ago. I have since called. left messages and emails but received no response. What can be done about this blatant scam rip off..It surely cant be left to thrive.
Surely we are not just going to keep standing by to be robbed?

Ole answered 1 year ago

Hi Trevor.
This “manager” Samantha had, is he by any chance called David Harris ?