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Noel asked 6 months ago

Has anyone had trouble getting withdrawals paid by Trade Financial an Australian registered broker regulated by ASIC in Australia?

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Scam Trading Brokers answered 5 months ago

Most people investing at Trade Financial are using an automated trading robot.
The most popular Forex robot today is the FXMasterBot.

Clayton answered 3 months ago

Hi Noel
yes I am trying to get my funds trenfered back into my account now ,how did you go in the end please let me know. [email protected]

Amir answered 2 months ago

hi there,
please share your experience, I’m having an issue with the withdrawal and I would like to know your experience,

corey answered 2 months ago

yes I am also waiting. been weeks and no eta, just we are waiting on a update ourselves.

David reid answered 2 months ago

trade financial  is a scam you lost your money been waiting 2 months for withdrawal 

Peter Ksiazek answered 2 months ago

Yes been waiting on my withdrawal for 2 months,and spent the last hour on the phone with nobody answering

amanda answered 2 months ago

they have just logged me out with a notice about no longer trading,
ASIC have taken them to court i just read, anyone else know anything more.
We invested, then got told to buy a trade and it died in arse, so not impressed.

Musa answered 2 months ago

Well I guess I also got scammed.
It’s funny how before you make the deposit you are such a priority .$250  gone just like that no more calls or email after requesting your withdrawal.

Diane Mancuso answered 2 months ago

Trade financial been waiting for 3 months to get my money back email’s sent always come back with some bloody excuses furious I put $1000 who h was all my money I had really angry has anyone had an answer yet?

Garyd answered 2 weeks ago

Scum ripped me off for $5500 and keep saying it is ASICs fault they cannot rrefund my money lying scumbags.

David Main answered 2 weeks ago

I cannot get my money back either I have lost my $500

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