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Phil asked 7 months ago


Can someone please tell me if 53 Capital Trade is a scam ?

Thank you

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Scam Option Brokers answered 7 months ago

You need to check any binary options broker to see if they have a license. 99% of the brokers who call you are not licensed brokers. 
Have a look at our Best Brokers page, and also read the article about Managed Account Scams.

Scam Option Brokers answered 6 months ago

Jupiter is just another 53 Capital Trade employee spamming the forum instead of resolving John Harari’s complaint.

John Harari answered 6 months ago

They are MEGA scam !!!!!! 
Located in Israel ! Don’t business with those fucking guys !!! 

William Walling answered 6 months ago

53capitaltrade are located in London.
53capitaltrade are one of the best trader company to trade with.
I have made a profit of over  34K.
The most important thing I got my profit back in less than 2 days. 

Alex Gray answered 6 months ago

An amazing company I have made last week an amazing profit in one trade!! 344K  

John Harari answered 6 months ago

Hahaha this is so funny !!!! The company itself upload comments !! Pathetic !
This company isn’t located in London !!! Those people are Israelis !!  They may sit in Georgia or/ and Israel ! 
We sent lawyers to ”their address” in London, but, guess what,  no one was there !
Don’t trade with them ! They have no regulation !!!!!! 

Jupiter answered 6 months ago

Dont really understand what is all the hustle?
I wont tell how much I invest or how much profit I made. I will just tell that I am getting great services from 53Capital trade, I already manage to withdraw some funds.
My broker name is Joe Gomez.

John Harari answered 6 months ago

Our lawyers is already take care of it in front of the Interpol & F.B.I, soon you guys all can see those scammers on T.V behind bars.
Good luck ! 

Mr M answered 6 months ago

 Johnn Harari, what are you trying to do?
You probably have a lot of free time to make bad reviews on companies. 
53capitaltrade are a really good company I’m happy to be a client of 53capitaltrade. 

John Harari answered 6 months ago

What do I do? Trying to get my money back !!! 
I have only 1 question for you !  Do you have a license ?? Yes or no?