Stcapitals ivory options, Adam Naji and Sami Ashkar

Opu asked 1 week ago

Has anyone filed a law suit against Stcapitals for there scam operation?

If you are dealing with Adam Naji and Sami Ashkar don’t! 70% return… its too too good to be true and it is.

I have been fooled by St capitals. They will harass you for money to invest, then pretend that you are making 70% using their app and website and encourage you to invest more, they would even go as far as asking you to borrow or use other peoples card because the next is even greater than the last. When the time comes to withdraw they would disappear on you and not reply to any of your emails.

All the contact no provided on the website or their email does not work. The UK address is housed where 123 scam companies are. They also have a uk limited company.

They operate as under other website’s such as ivory options and many more.

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Scam Option Brokers Staff answered 1 week ago

Hi Opu,
There are many brokers like this online, and it is very important to only used a licensed and regulated broker.