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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hi Traders!

I am looking for information and feedback from other traders using the Stark Trading System with the binary options broker Option500.

The dude in the video sounds very convincing that I will be able to make thousands of dollars using this system. Does it actually work or is just another scam like so many other binary options trading systems.

I did some online research about Option500 and all I see are warnings about them from Cyprus’s regulator CySEC.

Also, are there any licensed brokers that have a trading robot like this one?

Thank you,


2 Answers
Scam Option Brokers answered 2 years ago

Hi Melvin,
Stark Trading System is a new name for Centument, VirtNext, and a few others.
You should read about Trading Robots, so you can really understand how they work, and the differences between the garbage ones and the real legitimate ones.
It is possible to make money trading binary options, but it is only possible when using a licensed and regulated broker. You can find a list of some of the best brokers here.
The Binary Option Robot, see here, works with a few European licensed brokers.

Chris answered 1 year ago

Stay away…..far away from option500. they don\’t tell you all the fine print before trading with them. if you relies when you want to withdraw money then they have 100 very careful will not ¬†recommend them and they are also not registered,