Should I Invest Money With Brighter Trade?

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george asked 2 weeks ago

Hi fellow investors,

I got an email from Crypto World about their new trading system for Forex and Bitcoin, and they created an account for me with the brokers Brighter Trade.

Has anyone ever invested with this company Brighter Trade, and have successfully withdrawn their profit?

I have read about brokers that take forever to process withdrawals, and other brokers that do not allow you to withdraw your money at all. This broker is in Estonia, do they have a good regulatory system?

Thank you,

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Scam Trading Brokers answered 2 weeks ago

Hi George,

As for choosing a broker to trade with, we always recommend using a licensed broker. The broker should be licensed and regulated in your home country. Like ASIC in Australia, FCA in England or FSB in South Africa.

See the list of licensed Forex brokers.

If you want an automated trading software or copy trading, look here.

Also, no one is investing with CFD’s. CFD’s are for trading by yourself against the broker. No honest broker will invest your money for you, because they profit when you lose money.

You can read more about managed accounts.

Gilbert answered 1 week ago

Hi last time I checked I think you said qprofit system was great. Then I registered with them but after that I was called by Brighter Trade. Then I\\\’m lost. Please get I get clarity on this. Thanks

Scam Trading Brokers answered 1 week ago

Hi Gilbert,

We never recommended QProfit System. You are confusing this website with a fake review website.

Read a real review of QProfit at:

Stuart Newberry answered 6 days ago

I responded to ‘Bitcoin Loophole’ which featured on a BBC programme “Dragons Den’ Something came up on FB about Bitcoin Loophole. I clicked on the article and then followed a link, which took me to Brighter Trade.

I completed the initial info and within seconds I had a call from someone who called himself Sean Hendricks. He sounded foreign (ie spoke English with a foreign accent) He said he was based in London. The number was 020 3769 0293. He was very pushy and wanted me to invest my initial £250 immediately. I told him I don’t operate that way as i want to check things and reflect before I made a decision. He said he didn’t want to deal with me as I wasn’t the sort of client he wanted to work with!

My reflection reveals this is a scam – so beware!

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