Review HFT Finance by John Williams – Bad Scam or Legit?

Anonymous Investor asked 3 months ago

Hey Guys,

First I would like to compliment you on a great informative website. You are one of the only true honest binary option websites.

I came across the HFT Finance software this morning and was wondering if John Williams story is true. I remember back in the day reading about Tesler App, and that you determined it was a scam, so I wanted to know if the HFT Finance robot is better.

Which binary option brokers are people using now with good automated trading robots?

Thank you!

Raj M.

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Scam Option Brokers Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Raj,
Thank you for you kind words, we work hard to expose the binary options scams, and enlighten the world about the legitimate and good brokers.
Here is the truth about the HFT Finance software you read about, and its alleged CEO John Williams. It will probably disappear in a couple of weeks just like the OneTouch App, and the Gemini2 software did.
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