mambo investments

MD RUBYA AL TANVIR asked 2 weeks ago


do you have any information about this company named “mambo investments”? This company has a website.

They provide signal service, account management. I just need to know if they are legit or scammer. If you have any complain or review of their customer, please let me know by email.

Thank you.

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Scam Option Brokers Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Binary options should only be traded with a licensed and regulated broker, see here.
You can also read the article about Managed Accounts.

Rui Poker answered 1 week ago

Yes they are legit, i did join them 3 months ago and they made me profit however for personal reasons i had to withdraw all my money from all brokers and didn’t trade with them anymore but i will as soon as i get the money. I talk to them on facebook i believe this is their Facebook page

Paul Smith answered 2 days ago

Took 2 months to start trading my account. They keep changing the rules.
There overall win rate was 38%. They are arrogant and do not care about there clients.
I have many emails to prove.
They sent me a massage wanting me to put more money in the account so there senior trader would trade the account. They will not trade any account with bonus. Somehow they find out and I had to log a complaint with CTOptions. Looks like there account rep is on there pay role.
I have have emails to prove all!!!!!!!!!!!!!